CONTEST: What Can The "Bishop" Do For YOU?


If you had entered, you probably would have won! Since there were no entrants, the contest closed and no one won anything. This really makes me sad since I would truly like to hear your comments.

(*The prizes are pictured below & the rules are listed at the end of the article.)

Help us to help you.

Roo Case

Win this ROO Case for Nexus 7!

Our Motto (and Mission) is “Helping ordinary people use extraordinary technology.” Our intention is to provide you (our readers) with the information needed to choose and use the technologies that best fit your situation. Are we helping?

To accomplish this, we review new products (whatever we can afford to purchase) and try to present you with alternatives that may save both money and headaches. We determine what can “safely” be done to our “toys” and then provide you with simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step guides to accomplish  technology modifications. (Without our guides, even “geeks” sometimes have trouble doing these things.)

Where should we focus our resources?

Network Adapter

Win this B/G/N USB Network Adapter!

Recently, someone commented on my YouTube channel, “Why do you have seven tablets in your home?”  Well, to be fair, three of those seven tablets are broken. Still, four is a LOT for my wife and me. But, if I don’t have them, then I cannot report on them – and YOU, the reader, are the loser. The very video that they commented on was a COMPARISON of those four tablets! THEY WERE INTERESTED in seeing the comparison so they should have recognized the value.

But it got me to thinking. Am I really focused on the NEEDS of my readers? Should I spend more time and money on other technologies and less on tablet computing? Currently, we have feature articles on Android, Tablets, VOIP, Ubuntu Linux, Google products, and web development. We touch on other subjects to a lesser degree. But I need your opinion – are we meeting your needs for technology help?

Targus 10" Case

Win the Targus cover for 10″ tablets!

Your voice is important!

I want to hear from YOU. Tell us what you think! What are we are doing right and where we are missing the “boat.”

  • Tell us what technologies you think we should focus on.
  • Is there an older – or newer – technology that you would like for us to write about? 
  • Is our writing format easy to follow – or could we do that better?
  • What suggestions do you have?

 *Contest rules (idea taken from Coupons, Deals and More blog.) 

The Prizes

  • One winner will receive his or her choice of ONE (1) of the three items pictured in this article.

To Enter

  • Comment on THIS article with three things: You must present at least one positive feature of the blog. You may also include one suggestion for improvement. Include a statement of WHICH of the three prizes you want if you are chosen as the winner.
  • Comments will be judged on overall benefit to this website and its readers. Originality and humor may also be considered to a lesser degree. I, Ray Waldo, will be the sole judge and use my own criteria as to the “benefit” or other qualification.
  • After your comment is approved & displayed on this site, you can receive another entry by posting a link to this article (and restate your comment) to either your Twitter or Facebook timeline. (Post on both for TWO additional entries.)
  • In order for your Twitter and/or Facebook posts to count, you must send an email to “webmaster (at) cdntoday (dot) com” (you must convert this) and include links to the posts.

The Fine Print

  • I will delete – and not credit – any vulgar, abusive, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate comment. I ALONE will be the final authority of what qualifies and what does not.
  • Comments (and Twitter/Facebook links) must be posted during the time period of: Monday 8/6/2012 @ 00:01 am Central Time through Friday 8/24/2012 @ 11:59 pm Central Time.
  • Limit three (3) comments per person or ip address (potentially equal to 9 entries if you posted to Twitter/Facebook). If you comment more than three times it will be appreciated, but only the last three comments will be considered valid entries.
  • Make certain your responses include a valid email address (only I will see it).
  • I will chose the winner based solely upon my own criteria. 🙂 A total of one (1) prize winner will be notified via the email (to the address that the winner provides with their comment). Winner must respond within 48 hours of the time my email was sent in order to claim a prize.
  • Valid ONLY in the USA to those 18 years of age or older.
  • Contest ends Friday 8/24/2012 @ 11:59 pm Central Time.

NOTICE: If you have never commented on this blog, or if you have changed email addresses since your last comment, your comment will not be visible until I approve it. Comments are usually approved within a few hours.

Thank you for your participation!


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  1. Ray Waldo says:

    1. I could not figure out how to take a screenshot in Jelly Bean. Your article gave me just what I was looking for! Thanks.
    2. I prefer the full articles – rather than the short updates on the front page.
    3. If I win, I want the Nexus cover.

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