The Death of an Assistant

Yesterday, the Personal Assistant to this site’s creator, Ray Waldo, suffered a tragic accident. Mr. ATT Tilt (aka Kaiser Phone) fell a distance of about 20x its height and landed on a concrete surface. It appears that the Assistant suffered a terminal attack of non-function. Reanimation is not likely. Funeral plans have not been announced pending an autopsy. In lieu of flowers or condolences, donations can be made here:

The phone’s ancestor (Cingular 8125, aka Wizard) has taken over the family business until a younger successor can be acquired. Applications for the post of Personal Assistant to the Owner are being accepted.

Update: Although the fall did not prove to be immediately fatal, the assistant no longer has speech or hearing and can only communicate by means of its face display. The old buddy is still fun to play with but due to the severe limitations, the decision was made to pull the life support battery and allow it to “Rest in pieces” (thanks Daisy). The assistant was laid to rest in a quiet ceremony attended only by its closest friends. It now rests in a comfortable location near some of its peers who have also ceased to function.Death_Rides

Due to the practically irreplaceable nature of the assistant, the decision was also made by the administration to honor its memory by no longer publishing articles in the “Tilt/Kaiser” series of articles. This is the LAST article in this series. Other articles will be published and some may be related to the work of the Assistant but they will NOT be part of the “Tilt” series.) After all, no one else can provide the kind of specific advise that the assistant gave to us all.

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3 Responses to The Death of an Assistant

  1. Ray says:

    @Daisy: You share my love for words… “rest in PIECES.” Cool!
    @Gathrottle: I killed a Wizard or two in my time also. However, they were covered in the insurance so (with $50) it just turned into a new phone. This one is different.

    BTW, when I pulled the Wizard out yesterday it would not connect to the network. I figured that the WM6.5 rom had a time bomb (it is a few months old) so I spent the day remembering how to flash roms on it and trying to find the original ATT rom, etc. I worked on it until this evening at about 7pm. I finally pulled the sim card from my wife’s phone and put into it – and it worked! All the time, the sim was bad. Oh well, I didn’t want to mow the grass today anyway!

    Have a good evening folks. And visit my Father’s house tomorrow!


  2. Daisy says:

    Ha ha! I love the obituary for your phone! I feel for you though. May it rest in pieces.

  3. Gathrottle says:

    Hey Ray, Sorry to hear about you loss. I have killed 2 wizards and this tilt has lasted longer than they did.

    (PS Your humor is just great!!!!)

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