Do Not Re-install Apps

It is NOT necessary to re-install all  of your apps every time you flash a new rom on you ATT Tilt/HTC Kaiser.

One of the most cumbersome things involved with flashing a new custom rom ([cref 4 instructions here]) on your Tilt is that all of the applications you previously installed are no longer installed on the new rom.  It is often very time-consuming to re-install every app and then configure each of them again.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to actually INSTALL most apps if they were previously installed on the SD Card. Note that I said “previously installed on the SD Card.”

The process for expediting your setup goes like this:

  1. The first thing you must do is to INSTALL every app you can on the MicrSD  card.
  2. Then create a folder on the card to hold the shortcuts (the name of the folder is inconsequential but I call mine “Card Files” so I will use that as an example in the following steps.)
  3. Using the facility in the TotalCommander (TC) program, create a shortcut to the executible file for each program installed on the SD Card and send the shortcut to  /Storage Card/Card Files/.  Note that most programs will be installed on the SD Card at /Storage Card/Program Files/ (folder name). To create the shortcut (using TC), just tap on the executable file in each folder (usually it will be an .exe file), tap FILE and select the “>>>>>>” option. Then select the Create Shortcut and browse to the send the shortcut to the Storage Card/Card Files folder
  4. After all of your  shortcuts have been created, you can arrange them into folders. (Use the same folder names as are used in the (device)/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/ folder to simplify things.) Eg., move the shortcuts for all of your games into a folder /Storage Card/Card Files/Games/).

Once all of this is saved on your MicroSD card (and hopefully backed up on your computer), you will be set the next time you flash a new rom. Just copy the  contents of the /Storage Card/Card Files/ folder into the (Device)/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/ folder. Then, most of those programs will be immediately available for use. If you find that some of the programs will not execute, that likely means that they MUST be re-installed. However, in my experience, about 99% of programs will work fine as I have described.

If there are programs that will not work with the shortcut method above,  remember to delete their shortcut for the Card Files folder. Also, you might want to place  a copy of their CAB file into another folder on the SD Card so that it will be fairly simple to install it after the rom is installed.

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