Flashing a new ROM on an AT&T Tilt

Although this guide was written for the Kaiser/Tilt, much of it may be appropriate for other devices as well – I do not know about that. Be certain that you know what you are doing before flashing ANY device. And, make ABSOLUTELY certain that any rom that you use was written specifically for your device.

XDA-Developer’s Site

If you are new to the art of flashing a custom rom then I recommend that you view the Kaiser WIKI and the Forums at the great XDA-Developers site. There is a wealth of information on the site and a lot of what I know about flashing custom roms, I learned from the good people there. I only wrote this guide because of the IMMENSE number of postings there and the resulting difficulty in finding a single post that gives all of the information needed. A second reason for this article is that XDA-Dev is designed for DEVELOPERS and not for first time users. Therefore, many times the posts ASSUME that you know a lot of things and that may not be true. Hopefully, this article will be simple enough that even first-time flashers can follow it without error.


This guide is presented as a help for others who may wish to flash a new/custom rom to their phone. However, I take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any problems or damage that you may experience EVEN if you accurately follow this guide. I have found that flashing a custom rom is easy and safe on my device but I have no way to assure that it will be the same for you.  If you cannot accept these terms, then you should NOT follow these instructions!

Before you begin, you must be absolutely certain that your phone is unlocked! Find the instructions here. Failure to observe this will most likely kill your phone and turn it into a very expensive BRICK!


Preliminary notes:

If you are CERTAIN that you have unlocked your phone, then here is the process I recommend:

BTW, I use the SD card method to flash everything. It is much safer and can be used even if the battery is low. If you do not know how it is done, check out [cref 16 this post].

Many  people ask, “Why do I have to flash a STOCK/OEM rom before flashing a custom rom?” [cref 14 Get the answer here].

Short cut to avoid re-installing all of your own cab files after flashing a new custom rom. Learn [cref 18 HOW in this post].

General Rom Flashing Procedures for the Kaiser/Tilt/8925 Phone:

  1. Flash the Original (OEM) rom for you device (either the ATT357 or – if you don’t have a Tilt – the HTC wm6.1 rom) and SOFT reset (press stylus into the reset hole) when it is finished. Note: you can use Active Sync on your computer and flash via your USB cable. However, I prefer to flash via the MicroSD card. For instructions, [cref 16 see this post].
  2. Allow the rom to run through the initial configuration – up to the point where it asks for some input from you. Then do a HARD reset. To read more about how to do hard reset, read this article.
  3. Flash the recommended SPL (3.34.hard – dave shaw)
  4. Flash the recommended Radio (1.70.xx.xx)
  5. Do a HARD Reset – I learned this the hard way. Remember, “Hard Resets are my friend!” Do it any time you will not loose data (and it may be necessary some times when you will loose data.)
  6. Flash your chosen custom rom (I like either TPC’s Elite Series or Abusalza’s Ultimate Series.)
  7. SOFT reset and allow the rom to configure to the point that it asks for your input then do another HARD reset
  8. Allow the ROM to configure again and this time, answer the dialogs.
  10. Check out the operation of the rom on your device. Assure that all the functions that you need are operational.
  11. If you downloaded a ROM with the M2D interface and you prefer the Manila interface, then make the change (Settings/Today/Items – click the TOUCHFLO item to activate M2D). BTW, the “Windows Default” will UNclick because that is the Chome/Titanium interface)
  12. If all is well, add your choice of additional cabs ONE AT A TIME and after each install, check to assure that it did not conflict with something else (e.g., assure that everything is still working properly.)
  13. If any of the software that you install DOES cause a conflict and something stops working, then try going to Start/Settings/System/Remove Programs  and remove the offending program. If this does not fix your problem, you can try the following:

If you have problems, make sure that you followed ALL of these instructions. Then step through the following steps until your phone is working correctly – then stop

  1. Do a SOFT reset
  2. Do a HARD reset
  3. Start over (reflash OEM, hard reset, reflash custom, hard reset, etc)
  4. Read the FAQ for the rom that you tried to flash and comply with those instructions
  5. Read  the significant posts on the custom rom’s thread
  6. Ask for help on the custom rom’s thread
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