Keeping Email Useful

Email Overload?

  • Get too much spam?
  • Friends FORWARD too much  mail to your inbox?
  • Have too many different email addresses that you forget to check some of them?
  • Need to store messages in a safe location & be able to back them up?
  • Have a message saved on your home computer but need to see it on your work computer (or your phone, or a friend’s computer,  or  in a hotel)?
  • Loose all your contacts due to a computer failure (or,  you pressed the wrong button on  the computer?)
  • Find that when you tried to sync your contacts, you ended up  with twice as many? Or, worse, after trying again, you end up with 3x or 4x?
  • Need to have a single, usable calendar that you can easily maintain and be able to sync with all your computers & phones?

Each of us has faced a few (all) of these issues! And, although the last one (calendar) is not exactly related to email, I will deal with it in this article since it can be integrated into the whole setup.

What I want to share with you is a fully integrated setup that will allow you to read/write email from any computer or Internet device (i.e., Smartphone). It will synchronize all of your contacts with your phone, Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and your online account. You can compose messages offline and send them as soon as you connect. You store messages for later view on the same or any other computer. You can have folders, subfolders, etc in order to organize your mail and you can do all of this while merging all of your email accounts so that you only need to log check one account to see messages that arrive in any of the accounts. Sound like it would help you keep your email organized and useful? Then stay tuned and we can make that happen!

First Step: Add another email account!

Although it may seem anti-intuitive, my first recommendation is: Get another email address or two! Yes, as if having 5 or 10 addresses already is not enough, the best way to control email is basically to just start fresh. Although other services may provide equal (or even better??) helps, I recommend a GMAIL account from Google. The reason: It is what I know and can help you with <grin>. But truthfully, I try to keep up with technology and I do not see any other service that comes close to what Google provides for a unified system. When you sign up with google be sure to request a GMAIL address (rather than using any address that you already have). You can start the process here: and click on “Create an Account” on the lower right side (be sure go to to [cref 123 Part 2 when you finish creating your account]).

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