MicroSD Card Flash

This article is for the AT&T Tilt phone.

SD Card flashing method (use this instead of flashing via the USB and Active Sync):

(For more  complete info about GENERAL Flashing procedures, [cref 4 check this post].)

  1. Download a custom rom.
  2. Extract the rom into a folder and switch to view the folder contents
  3. Copy the extracted ROM file (the extension will be .NBH & the filename is usually RUU_signed.NBH) to the ROOT of your SD card (cannot be in a folder) Also… It is NOT necessary that the SD card be otherwise empty. You can use the same card that you normally keep in the phone.
  4. RENAME file (on the sd card) to:   kaisimg.nbh (case is unimportant)
  5. Put the SD card back into your phone
  6. (With the phone turned on) press the camera button and insert the stylus into the reset hole. Hold both until the TRI-COLOR bootloader screen comes up and then release.
  7. Follow the instruction on screen.
  8. When the flash is completed, do a soft reset (press the stylus into the reset hole) and allow the rom to configure.
  9. ALWAYS DO A HARD RESET. You must then follow the instructions on the screen.  (To do a hard reset, press both soft keys and insert the stylus into the reset hole until a white screen appears, then follow the prompts. “Hard Reset” is also called “Clear Memory” in the Start Menu/Settings/System folder but this is not available at this point in the process of flashing.)

NOTE: This process (flashing with the SD card) is the same for ALL extracted ROM files (custom roms, radios, SPLs). The only exception is when you flash an SPL,  you must also copy the KAISDIAG.NBH file to the root of your SD card. You can download that file here.

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