Who is Ray Waldo

Ray Waldo is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) with a passion for making technology accessible for the ordinary person. Prior to (and after) his retirement from a full-time technology position, Ray served as a local pastor and short-term missionary to Mexico, Kenya, Uganda & the Democratic Republic of Congo (while the country was still in conflict).

He graduated from Mississippi State University with a MEd in Educational Psychology, with emphasis in statistics. As a bi-vocational minister, he worked in the field of electronics and later took a position as a Logistics Planner and technology consultant for a small organization in the federal government. He is an avid technology freak and, although is Microsoft certified, he has lately become a big of Ubuntu Linux.

Ray holds ministerial credentials with the Church of God (Cleveland) and his current assignment is that of “Technology Evangelist.” He is available to speak & consult with churches or others concerning the merging of technology with ministry.

Ray is also a widely recognized teacher and public speaker. He is currently working on two books that he expects to be published within the next two years. These books are being written online. Follow the development at “James on Trial” and “Prophecy With a Pinch of Salt.” Ray’s other website, the Chief Shepherd (http://chiefshepherd.com) serves ministers and laypersons on seven continents.

Vivian has tolerated Ray since their marriage in 1964. They have three grown children (who happen to be the most beautiful children ever born) and two grandsons (also perfect). They also have four adopted “babies” at home (all of the canine species but they don’t tell them about it). The 6-member Waldo family resides in a lovely home in one of the most beautiful and peaceful locations in Southern Louisiana. Ray’s description of his life: “I am truly blessed. God is good!”

Is that flowery enough <grin>?

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  1. Luciano Alloatti says:

    Congratulations for your family and your achievements, all together!
    Thank you very much for your help.
    Luciano Alloatti from San Cristobal, Santa Fe, Argentina.

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