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I  have had problems with the dashboard options on my WordPress blogs. The problem: If I change anything, it will not stick when I return to the dashboard.

I finally figured it out and have a fix:

Here is how I fixed the WP Dashboard Options on ALL blogs:

  1. Disable ALL plugins
  2. Revert to the DEFAULT theme
  3. Make ONE (1) change to the screen options (add or delete only one item – or move only one item at at time) then click on another function (view posts, etc)
  4. Return to the dashboard options & make 1 more change.
  5. Continue until all desired changes are done.
  6. Restore the desired theme
  7. Restore the plugins one-at-a-time or at least in small groups – then make any necessary changes to the dashboard options
  8. Continue activating plugins & making ONE change at a time to the dashboard options until all plugins are active & all options are like you want them.

NOTICE! the wp-o-matic plugin will write on top of the wp.com stats in on the dashboard!
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