Ooma Update

Ooma Vs VonageI continue to be AMAZED by this device! It is the ONLY wired phone service in my house now. It is merged with my GoogleVoice account & even my MagicJack is routed through this device. (Since I had already purchased a 5-yr service with MJ, I do not wish to waste that. So, I set it up to provide a local number in Arkansas and just FORWARD the calls to my Ooma number. I don’t even have the MJ device plugged up. It all works flawlessly!

I did elect to purchase the “Premier” service from Ooma. At $100 (now $120) per year, it is still very cheap and adds extra functions that I like. Not the least of these extra functions is the ability to ring on more than one phone. In my case, my cell phone rings along with my home phone. So, I only need to publish one phone number & I can be reached either at home or on my cell. Ever see THAT on AT&T?? <grin>

Over the past couple of weeks, the most popular articles on this site have been those about the Ooma device and its ability to replace the normal telephone. I have had a record number of hits on the site (198 on 30Sep09 – previous record was 65). More than a few of those were looking for more info about the Ooma.

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