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If you are a member of a social media site such as Facebook or Twitter then you can EASILY share your favorite article on this site with all of your FB or Twitter friends!

At the end of any full article, such  as this one…  (note: if you are reading an excerpt – rather than the full article, the last line will tell you to click on the TITLE to read more) you will see a small button like this: Share this article... (NOTE: This one is just a PICTURE and does nothing)

Look for the actual button at the bottom of this (and all) articles.

Just  hover your mouse over the button and a menu will drop down offering several options.

  • Bookmark – you can add a link to the current article in your browser’s bookmarks (or “favorites”) This will allow you to return to the article easily but it is not shared with  anyone else.
  • Email – Use this box to SEND a link to the article to one or more friends – using your email client.
  • Social WebShare the selected article with your  Facebook/Twitter friends. Over 50 of the most common Social Networking sites (including Facebook, Twitter, etc) are listed – just click on one of the links and your browser will open a window with the website for that network and prepare you to enter your comments about the link you are sharing.
  • Link Here – For those with a web presence, you can copy the code in this box and add a link to the article on YOUR OWN website.

It is all very easy. Please help promote this site by giving your recommendation to your friends both in your emails and social networking connections.

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