I can build your website for you

In this series of articles, I have included a pretty complete step-by-step process for setting up a fully functional & professional website. However, if you are intimidated by the process, I can help. Read the entire article to learn how you may qualify to receive all these services FREE!

Here are some of the sites that I have created and continue to maintain:

“Just Ordinary Folks” – this is a network of “help” sites 
“Bishop of Technology” – my technology help site
“The Chief Shepherd” – my Christian devotional site
“CDN Today!” – this is my Christian Web Hosting Network
“James on Trial” – An inprocess ebook on dealing with trials
“Prophecy With a Pinch of Salt” – this is an inprocess ebook on Biblical prophecy
“Stuff From Ray’s Head” – this is my FUN site 
“The Day Things Changed” – this is the site that follows my journey with a pituitary tumor
“Followership” – this is a blog set up for a fellow minister

Notice that each of these sites is very unique and has a totally different “look and feel.” This is the result of the highly configurable nature of the WordPress software that I use. I create a site that will be similar to one of these. Or, I probably can create a site to satisfy your style & taste.

Here is a breakdown of the cost to setup a commercial website similar to one of the above sites:

Web Hosting for one year                        $85.00
Domain Registration for one year              0.00
Setup & Configure (4 hours, max)        $200.00
Total                                                          $285.00

If your unique needs demand more than four hours, the charge is $50 per hour. Terms: $100 to start, balance upon completion of setup and turn over to the user. Support included: one hour of phone support plus a reasonable number of email exchanges. Advanced support (beyond what is included) is $50 per hour (time on the phone and my work are both charged).

NOTE: For individuals, with NON-commercial needs, I offer services on a sliding scale. If your circumstances warrant, I may offer all, or some, of my services for free. Or, I may charge you based upon your ability to pay. Just contact me and tell me what you want to do and I am sure that we can work something out. Trading my work for a donation is also possible.

What you need in order to start the process:

  • Choice of an (available) domain name
  • Purpose of the site
  • Concept of the desired theme (location of a site with comparable look and feel would be good)
  • Any graphics you want included
  • A few articles/posts (in .doc, .rtf or .txt format) to start
  • Determine if you will need for me to maintain the site beyond the normal support terms

To get started, just click on the link below..

You simply enter your name & phone number, and Google will call you AND me and make the connection for a free call.

Alternately, you can send me an email using the form at https://bishoptec.com/contact/. However you reach me, I will need an email and phone number where you can be contacted.


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  1. Ray says:

    @ Freddie: BTW, congrats on your new IntenseDebate account! "You done good!" <grin> Unfortunately, it appeared that too many people were having trouble with that application so I have changed from ID to Disqus which is a simpler interface that I hope everyone can understand and use. I recommend that you get a Disqus account also – sorry.

  2. Ray says:

    @ Freddie: Not a problem. I hope to add some of those instructions to the Website Design series of articles eventually but too busy right now. Just give me a call – When you call, be seated at your computer and logged in to the site. I will walk you through some of the edits available to you.

  3. FreddieCory says:

    I would like to learn more about the web page we already have possibly making some changes or at least updating info and pictures.

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