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This post is specific to Windows Mobile phones with custom WM6.5 ROM:

The Internet Explorer browser for Windows Mobile 5/6 has always been a headache to use. The new version that ships with the newest WM6.5 builds is better but still difficult. I especially dislike the fact that you must ALWAYS use the magnifier to enlarge the text in order to read it. with Opera 9.7 (& most of the earlier versions), you just double-tap and that area enlarges and comes into focus at the correct text size. That single function is sufficient to make me want to switch.

However, just installing the Opera software and telling it to be the default browser does not change the Manila 2D Browser Widget. Here is the process to make Manila use Opera instead of IE when you tap the browser widget on your WinMo 6.5 phone…

  1. Download Opera (free) at: http://www.opera.com/mobile/download/
  2. Install the software on the device
  3. Use Total Commander (or other registry editor) to edit the following entries
  4. Add value:
    value=string:Program FilesOpera MobileOperaL.exe
  5. Change value:

Do a soft-reset and you are ready to ENJOY web browsing again!

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