Resurrection of an assistant

I previously posted the obituary and death announcement of my personal assistant. Mr. ATT Tilt (aka Kaiser Phone) fell and appeared to be dead. He was buried in a wooden container with other aged technology relics.

But a RESURRECTION may have taken place!

Mr. Tilt has regained consciousness, and can carry on a normal conversation. We do not know how long this condition will remain, but, to aid others who may attempt to revive their own personal assistants, here is the process that I followed. It may or my not help in your situation.

I did a lot of things in my attempts to revive my Tilt.

1. It always functioned perfectly – except no audio – receive or send (this is not ideal for a phone )
2. After my old Wizard died (2-3 weeks ago), I pulled the Tilt back out and flashed it with the ATT rom a few times. Then I flashed TPC’s V11 custom rom and (after some more tinkering) it started to present audio – only through the bluetooth headset.
3. I used it like that for a week or two until…  one day, I forgot the headset. But when I got out of BT range, the device presented a “beep” announcing that the BT headset was disconnected. I checked the music and a few other things and the Tilt was working correctly!
4. However, when I needed to reset the phone, it went back to the the BT-only function. I tried to force it as in #3 but sometimes it would work correctly and other times it would not.
5. Then a few days ago, I managed to get it into the BT out-of-range, disconnect, work correctly function. So, I turned off the BT and used it like that until this morning.
6. This morning, I switched batteries (which did a reset, of course) and when the phone booted up — I got the little music of the HTC logo! So, it appears (at least for now) that the phone is again working correctly in all functions.

We shall see how long it continues to function correctly and if necessary, I will go thru the BT disconnect procedure again. I am still expecting an Iphone 3G from my daughter so maybe the Tilt will last until I get the Iphone.


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