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It seems that I have been writing a good bit lately about the Google. And before anyone asks…. I am NOT employed by Google in any way. I do not receive any special privileges from them and, other than via their great search engine, they do not even know my name. I only recommend the company and its products because I use them and like them.

Google just seems to be a FUN & active company. Also, it appears to me that (from an end user’s perspective) that they are one of the most innovative companies around. And the really neat thing is that most of what they are doing is open sourced and free to use.

I am a real fan of open source software. I have converted to Ubuntu Linux in support of the open source concept. (And, because Ubuntu is one of the most secure operating systems around – AND it has a great interface that rivals anything from the Apple or Microsoft worlds.)

I just read an article written by Don Dodge who evidently was a fairly major player at Microsoft. But, he was one of 5000 that they company just laid off. However, his skills landed him a great position at – you guess it – Google. (Read the entire article here.) He writes about the comparisons of all the MS stuff to the similar Google product. It is refreshing to see the difference – and of course (as a new Google employee, we would understand his bias), Google wins!

At any rate, since I was writing about Google so much, I decided to create a series to link the articles together. This article will be the first in the series – even though it was written AFTER some of the others, it is logically the first so that is where it goes. There will be dialog boxes either on the right side or below each post to help you move to the next article in the series.


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