5 ways to LIKE Twitter!

Do REAL men Twitter?

There are two very different views about Twitter (and Facebook, MySpace, and other social media sites). It all depends on who you speak to.

A couple of days ago, I participated in an online “webinar” hosted by the folks at HubSpot where they encouraged businesses to get involved in all of these sites. They said it was the  best (& cheapest) way to expand your brand awareness. Makes sense.

But just a few minutes on Facebook and I have to wonder, do any of  these guys actually have a life? It looks like some people must spend the whole day doing nothing but playing FB games and recording their high scores to all their “friends.”

Here is one that will put a kink in your trousers: Youth workers are evidently thinking that a lot of young people will LEAVE Facebook within the next couple of years because it has been overtaken by us old guys! I wrote about it here.

And, Twitter has even more useless posts! People “twit” about which TV program they are watching,  or having just finished washing the evening dishes, or admiring their car, or…  (you get the picture.) A TV commercial now pokes fun at some kid’s dad who is using his cell phone to tell (someone?) that he is “sitting on  the patio.”

Here is a humous video that puts it into (some kind of) perspective… <grin>

If the video does not display properly, click here.

And the very WORST of all scenarios: A guy (or girl) with an Iphone, “Twit”s about the current score on football (or some other mundane non-event in his life). Then, the Iphone software will push the same “twit” onto Facebook. On the Facebook site, 20 “friends” will respond with some more nonsense but the guy with the Iphone doesn’t have time to check Facebook because now, his team is loosing and therefore he doesn’t see the responses and they just scroll down the Facebook page into the “bit bucket” and are lost forever. (Hint to the world: If anyone CARES about the score, they are probably watching the game already.)

Honest DISCLOSURE: I have accounts on most of the common social media sites. I can actually see some value on FB & Twitter. I recently spent a reasonable amount of money advertising on Facebook. (My ad: asking people to “fan” my http://chiefshepherd.com website. It is a free site and has no real way for me to recover my costs. But I do want people to find the site and take advantage of it’s many free resources.) But I just cannot see the value in spending even a couple hours a day (some people evidently spend a LOT more) playing the games on Facebook or posting about what you are eating for supper. Come on folks – you need to get outside more.

So, do YOU use Facebook, Twitter & the like? What are some USEFUL posts that you have left (or just seen). Leave a comment to tell us what you think.

UPDATE (Dec 13, 2009): I now LIKE Twitter (a LOT)!

After putting down on Twitter for a long time, I have finally discovered how to utilize the service as a kind of “Headline Service” to display links to information about topics in which I am interested. The primary way to do this is:

  1. Use Twitter’s “search” function to find tweets with valuable content
  2. Find & follow the “influencers” in whatever your field of interest
  3. Retweet (RT) the (valuable) tweets that you receive
  4. Stop posting JUNK on your updates – instead be sure that  your updates add some value  – even if  just to bring a smile on someone’s face. After a while others will  retweet your updates & your sphere of influence will  begin to widen.
  5. Search the web for other hints on how to make Twitter more effective for you. Or, just follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/raywaldo) to read more of what *I* find to be valuable (& then RT that – grin).
  6. (Updated) Be well-rounded in what you post. A bit of humor or wisdom or family love is important on Twitter. Just don’t make it the ONLY thing you post.

Although I still do not like updates on (insert your favorite sports team)’s half-time score (or a lot of other such content), I have started NETWORKING with people who have VALUABLE content to share. It is that group which I will now follow on Twitter & leave the friends & family updates to Facebook.

For more info about why individuals and businesses should like Twitter,  see this post on the O’Reilly website.

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