Tweet on 40" Screen

I continue to like the way Ubuntu Linux (9.10) performs!

For Christmas this year, I bought a Samsung 40″ flatscreen TV. It is not the very best but it was all I felt that I needed/wanted/could afford. It supports the full 1080p and has resolutions up to 1920 x 1080i. It also has a VGA input connection.

Since my old Dell e-1505 laptop also has a VGA connection (what a concept!), I was FORCED to  connect them. As  soon as I did, both the TV and the computer recognized each other and  started to display. However, the default is to  MIRROR the  laptop’s display. It was a few simple clicks to get separated displays: System – Preferences – Display and then just UNclick “mirror screens” & set the desired resolutions and we are off to the races!

I  like the portability of sending tweets from my ATT Tilt phone but the AWESOME view of Seesmic (my choice of Twitter/Facebook client) on a 40″ screen will just about blow you away!

BTW, the current version of Ubuntu (9.10) includes a version of Wine which WILL run my favorite Bible program (OnlineBible)! So I don’t need to run Windows at all anymore!!!

Check the short video that shows both screens in  action:

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