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This site is intended to be a primary resource for making technology useful and accessible to the ordinary person.

If you need help with some technology issue or if you would like to see a technology guide for something that you cannot find here, just post a comment to the article that is most closely related. I do NOT know everything but I will try to help if your request is something that I have knowledge about and I have the hardware needed. If I cannot provide my own guide, I will try to find a link to something on the web.

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43 Responses to Help!

  1. Plainfieldrob says:

    Ray – I bought a Nook Tablet, and a Nook2Android SD card. However, I now want a more recent version of Android and reading over XDA has left me confused.

    If it were you, at this time would you go with root/install of CM9, wait for a more stable CM10, or stay with what I have.

    Just curious your thoughts…seems CM9 is stable enough (except for that kernel issu)…figured you might know best.

    BTW, I’m comfortable rooting, installing updates – bought the card because it was easy. 🙂