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43 Responses to Help!

  1. Tom says:

    Ray I love your site.
    I cannot not find any definitive instructions on how to Flash a ROM to it. I’ve read so many pages on forum.xda-developers looking for an some kind of straight forward for “Noobs” flash instructions. I’d like to Jelly Bean my KF. with this ROM.

    I know I need to backup then install the ROM.
    Do you know of any step by step instructions to get this ole noob going?
    Thank you in advance,

  2. Eric says:

    Love your site, Ray. Very helpful for a gTab owner like myself.

    Could you post how-to guides for adding a micro SD card to the gTab and for using Titanium Backup?


    • Ray Waldo says:

      Thanks Eric! I’m sure that I can help you. But first tell me what you are attempting to do. If you are wanting to do a full system backup then clockworkmod (CWM) is a better tool. You should check out my Nook video series for help using CWM for backup & restore.

      • Eric says:

        I’m running the TeamDRH ICS mod on my gTab. I plugged in a new 32 GB micro SD card. The gTab said that it was damaged and needed formatting. It appeared that the gTab had started to format the card, but there were no updates on whether the formatting was finished. When I turned the gTab off and on, it failed to boot properly–even after I removed the micro SD card from the slot. It looks like I need to reinstall ICS on the gTab and format the micro SD card using my PC.

        • Ray Waldo says:

          The NEW NVFlash setup makes that a lot easier than it was the first time.

          Hope you had previously used CWM to make a backup? If so, you can restore your settings very easily. When I mentioned the Nook series, I failed to state that CWM works the same on both devices. So, the vidoe for the Nook will describe backup and restore on either device.

  3. Kanga says:

    Hi Ray

    May I get some help, please?

    I have a Viewsonic GTablet that I am trying to upgrade.

    I used your “NV Flash for Dummies” instructions successfully (I think).

    Then I proceeded to your “Installing ClockworkMod Recovery for 1.2 Bootloader” page.

    At step 6 (“Activate ClockworkMod Recovery”), the system displayed a BLUE menu. I rebooted and got the ORANGE menu. The screen displays “ClockworkMod Recovery v3.0.2.8 (GTab 1.2 and NI Adam rev5” at the bottom.

    However, the ORANGE menu is not working.

    My problem is that I can scroll up or down the available selections with the + and – keys, but nothing happens when I press the POWER button to execute my selection.

    What have I done wrong?

    • Ray Waldo says:

      This would make more sense for others if you had posted the question on the “Installing ClockworkMod…” page.
      However, it appears that you have done everything RIGHT. With the new CWM recovery, you do not use the POWER button for selection but use the HOME button (should be in the article).

  4. Steve says:

    I’m running 7.03 on my gtab and see there is a stable version of 7.1.
    I’m not seeing instructions to just step up one build, rather than wipe everything and start over. Do you have to wipe everything and reinstall all my apps after every build, or am I missing something?
    I was hoping its as simple as a Firefox update, but I’m guessing thats just wishfully thinking. Don’t really want to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to.

    thanks again sir.

  5. Kelly says:

    Hi Ray, I seem to have myself in quite a jam. After unsuccessfully attempting the Honeycomb installation, I gave up and decided to go back to CyanogenMod7 and downgrade to Bootloader 1.1. I followed all of the instructions for “New Guide…” Everything went well up until the part where I was rebooting into CM7 for the first time. I got all these force close messages (process and (process android.process.acore). I have gone back to Flash for Dummies, and I have checked through When Things Go Wrong, but nothing is working right. When I hit Power + Volume Up, it won’t go into CWM…instead it tries to go into TnT screen but the error messages come up and won’t allow me to do anything. I’m going to try to start from scratch, but if you come up with any solutions, please let me know. Thanks!

    • Ray Waldo says:

      From your comments on the honeycomb page, you probably had hc working. I answered over there.
      Now, you need to start fresh with 1.2 (again). You already proved that you can do it!
      Just be sure to reset & clear the Caches. Check the help-contact page for a phone number – for emergency.

  6. Chris says:

    Great site and info…and I could sure use some help.
    Before finding your site, I used the instructions from XDA and, well, botched things a bit. Anyway, I wanted to try some other ROMs on my brand-spanking new gtab. Did not like the 1.2 branch of Cyan…, so wanted to go back to stock. The stock was actually pretty cool: must be the latest greatest. I backed up, but cannot find any data to prove it.
    I NVFlashed it back, but the apps and graphics are gone. For example, the ‘desktop’ as a rippling water and leaves scene that is no longer on the tab.
    My question, are you aware of a way to restore EVERYTHING back to where it was? Viewsonic is impossible to get ahold of.
    I will then explore new ROM’s from your site.
    Thanks for your efforts!

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Many people recommend Titanium Backup. There are others. I have not found any to be that good. They tend to restore the SETTINGS with the apps. That can cause problems when moving between ROMs.
      Best plan is to flash a custom ROM, then sign in to your Google Acct and authorize it to Backup & Restore your data and apps. It will not restore all apps – mostly those purchased on the Android Market. It will also restore some of the free apps. I have never figured out what criteria it uses to determine which ones. But, it is pretty easy then to download the rest of your free apps and set up your desktop again.
      The ADW Launcher (and many of the apps) can backup its settings to the SD Card and later be restored from there. However, since the INTERNAL SD Card is generally the one used, you need to be sure that you copy that to your computer before you RESET TO FACTORY or PARTITION – which erases the internal card.

      • Chris says:

        Ray, what I had done before flashing was to use the mini usb to literally copy over all the data from the internal SD to my PC.
        Yet when I reflashed back to stock, the Kindle books were not recognized, Angry Birds was not there, etc.
        From what I gather though:
        1.) this data does not really restore all the info? (there is some data in the ROM that does not copy over?)
        2.) you will have to reinstall all apps?
        3.) you will have to reinstall all settings (email, etc.)?
        Thanks for more details.

  7. colby91 says:

    Hi Ray!

    I used my mini usb cable to transfer the mp4 files to the gtablet and put them on external sdcard that was already inserted, the movie that used to play, won’t play any more and the movie that did’nt play before will now play. I suspect that I may have a bad sdcard. I bought a 32gb sdhc, does the gtab only take regular sdcard and not hc? Maybe that is causing my problem. What do you think? Thanks in advance!

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I don’t know what is the largest size SD Card that the GTab will accept. I suspect that it WILL accept the 32g. It is very unlikely that it would kinda-work. It would probably either read/write properly or not recognize it at all.
      However, the non-logical experiences that you report do suggest a bad card. Best suggestion might be to get a different card and try that.
      Did you try copying (via the USB) to the INTERNAL (14G) card? Does it work there?

      • colby91 says:

        Hi Ray, I see what you mean. I just transferred all 6 movies via usb cable to the internal sdcard, and they all play! So must be a bad external sdcard. I will see if the seller will replace it. Thanks again!

  8. dpalmer says:

    Ray, my son just che;ped me follow your instructions for rooting my G tablet and it was working great. I shut it off while I ate dinner and when I pressed the power button to restart my tablet, it booted only until the word “ANDROID” showed on the black screen, and it just remains at that point. After my son left for his home, my wife and I took a 1 hour drive in the car and it still was that way when we returned. I can power it down by holding the power key down but attempting to restart the tablet results in the same problem. Do you have any suggestions for me or do I need to restore and start over again? Thanks for your help.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      My “when things go wrong ” article should help. Probably just use clockworkmod recovery to flash the roms again. I would download fresh copies since you may have gotten a bad copy the first time.

  9. Jason Rettinghaus says:


    I purchased a Viewsonic GTab, Followed your guide to Root it with Cyanogen 7.0.3. It went great. I started installing apps and using my USB thumb drive. Everything was working great. But. I pulled a stupid. I am new to these devices. I know how to write software on several platforms, but am new to Android. I was searching for an option to eject my thumb drive. Found myself in the settings. Saw the Unmount SD Card. Stupid me, tested it to see what it did. And now I know. Why was that even an option? When I reboot, the Cyanogen screen comes up, then goes black, then the cyanogen screen comes up and goes black. Does this for a long while. When I am in the root menus (Power & Vol+), it says it can’t find an SD Card. Ofcourse it can’t because like a dummy, I was allowed to and did unmount it. Now how do I mount it and get back on track?

    Jason Rettinghaus

    • Ray Waldo says:

      This is an interesting problem! Since you are a programmer, you know about mounting drives. Many people are unaware of the problems of removing drives unexpectedly. But in this case, your knowledge was your downfall .
      First, the safest way to unmount any removable drive from any device is just to power down the device. All devices will properly unmount its drives when powering down so you are always safe to remove to remove a drive if the power is off. You will already know this but for the newbies: Just turning off the power on a computer is NOT the same as “powering down” – using the normal software shut-down procedures. If you turn the power off suddenly (or remove the battery from a portable device), do NOT remove any drives before you power back up and go through the normal shut-down.
      Lesson on SDCards. When CM7 addresses the “SD Card” on the GTab, it is actually addressing the INTERNAL card. The (normal) handle for the external card is the “EMMC.” Flashing the FSTAB file (see my “when things go wrong“) will REVERSE this and cause CM7 to recognize the EXTERNAL card as the “SD Card.” If you are uncertain, which is which, visit Settings-Storage and look at the “Total Space” for the various cards. The internal card will show 13.07GB. BTW, the bottom group will be for any attached USB-mounted drives. They are referred to with various handles.
      Your situation: Since you evidently unmounted the INTERNAL card (and since you cannot remove it to re-mount it), it will require a bit of finesse to convince the GTab that you want it back.
      Process to (re)MOUNT the internal SD Card: (Since I have not done this, I don’t know if it will work but I suspect that it will.)

      Power Down the GTab
      Remove the external SD Card
      Using CMR, flash the FSTAB file (see my “when things go wrong“)
      Power Off the GTab
      Replace the external SD Card
      Power the GTab back on

      If the device is still confused, it may help to flash the FSTab file again. I don’t know but it probably TOGGLES the two devices. If so, then the GTab should be back as it was before you un-mounted the card.
      Please post back and let us know what works.

      • JRettinghaus says:

        Power down the GTab…Done
        Remove the external SD Card…never had one installed.
        Using CMR, flash the FSTAB file…not sure what you are talking about here
        Rest…no use (no external sd card)

        It keeps saying…

        ClockworkMod Recovery v2.5.1.1-bekit-0.8
        E:Can’t mount /dev/block/mmcblk3p1 (or /dev/block/mmcblk2p1)
        (No such file or directory)

        When selecting: mounts and storage/ mount /sdcard it replys the above three lines as well as…
        Error mounting SDCARD:!

        • Ray Waldo says:

          You will need a micro-SD Card to accomplish the process that I suggested. It would probably operate once you put a card into the GTab but it might show some errors. That would depend upon what and how much data had been copied to the sd card before you unmounted it.
          If you don’t have a spare card, check in your phone, camera, etc to see if there is one. I don’t think that you will lose any data by using it in the GTab but you never know. Otherwise, get a cheap one at Walmart or Office Depot, etc. If you buy one, get one with the standard SD-size holder included. That will make it much easier to use with your computer.
          The FSTAB file process is mentioned in WTGW (when things go wrong) article # 4.d. – just follow the steps there and merge with the steps in the previous comment. You should be fine.
          Another thing: In CMR, there is a function to Mount/unMount devices but I don’t think it will help. Still, it might be worth a shot to try that.
          If all else fails, you should be able to start at the “Flash a new rom” page and start over from there.

  10. Natalie says:

    Thank you for doing this. I truly appreciate it. The problem I am having is when I finished downgrading to 1.1 all was fine. I went to install cwm and I press power and volume+, I get the green menu, I select backup and restore and then the screen goes blank…..and just gets hung there. I have tried several times and am kind of at a loss. I took days to talk myself into this whole process. I would like to be successful.

    Thank you for all you do;)

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Don’t fret over the backup. Power it off, reboot into cmr and flash the custom rom. Then flash the gapps and reboot.

      • Natalie says:

        Hello again. I ended up soft bricking it but was able to recover with nvflash process. Right now I am 1.1 3588 (I started at 1.2). I am going to sit on it for a while and try to recover my sanity and try in a few days. Thank you and hopefully my next post to you will be saying how I love my new modded gtab. Once again, thank you for all you do.

        • Ray Waldo says:

          Natalie: From where you are, just follow my simple instructions and you will probably see the “new” GTab in less than an hour! It is very simple and some have reported finishing in less than 30 mins.
          You CAN do this! Just get a night’s sleep and try when you are refreshed. It is a bit scary but you have already accomplished the hard part – un-bricking. Everything else is easy.

          • Natalie says:

            OK….your response was very encouraging. Had a relaxing dinner as attcked it again. My time from start to finish…..under 30 minutes…two seconds under. Thank you! Thank you!! THANK YOU!!! I already ‘Liked’ you on FB, before my self-induced ID10T errors. I realize, now, what I did wrong but am just way embarrassed to divulge them;)

            Thanks again….and you’re right: God is good, ALL the time!

          • Ray Waldo says:

            Glad it worked out well for you. Blessings….

  11. Thanks for the great site. Now that I have had my gTab for 3 days and loaded it with apps I am curious about a couple of things:
    1) Do I need to back it up? I installed (per your site) CM7 and have everything well configured. Do I back up an image to PC, just leave it, or what? I think everything is virtual from the apps store.

    2) If I were to flash a different ROM in the future would all of the apps download automatically? I have two apps I have paid for (i.e. Documents to Go)

    3) Interface – I came from the iPhone world to this device. I am still learning.
    – Are apps running in the background? If so how do I switch? I feel like I restart every time
    – Is there copy/paste? I need to paste a URL into an email
    – Somehow, I pushed something and saw “recently used” – how?
    – Somehow, I pushed something and saw 5 windows display transparent views of my different pages

    4) Overall I have organized a single home page (third screen), games, developer/biz related. Are folders better?

    5) Lastly – it seems like auto-off becomes a hard power off and I have to hold the power button to get it on. I feel like I am struggling to turn mine back on (hold for 3-5 seconds at least). I thought these were supposed to be instant on.

    I added links to your site in blogs I wrote and also wrote a blog with links to sync Outlook Calendar and Contacts.


    • Ray Waldo says:

      Sorry John but you are asking for a full course in Android. I will touch on a few things but you will need to visit the settings functions and configure everything like you want it. Different from iPhone – you decide rather than Apple.
      1. Power button: touch lightly to on/off the display. Hold it down to turn on/off the device
      2. Long-touch to simulate the right-click of a mouse (for copy / paste, etc).
      3. Backup with CMR to get a complete bu of everything (put your SD Card in first and assure that the backup is stored there. Or, connect your computer and copy the files to your home computer. When you flash a new ROM, the internal memory is usually wasted so you need your backup either on external or computer.
      4. Android Market keeps a record of all apps you have purchased and will restore them to any device(s) that you setup with the same GMAIL account – several devices can use the same paid add without buying it again. Free apps are sometimes backed up but not necessarily all.
      5. Multitask: lightly touch the home key to switch back to your desktop from an app. Hold the home key down a few seconds and it will display the previously used (and sometimes still active) apps.
      6. Settings will be for whatever is displayed. If you are at the home screen, then the settings are for the entire system. If an app is displayed, then the settings are for that app. Not all apps include a settings function but you should set up everything that you can.
      Enjoy Android. It is powerful – but YOU usually have to configure it. If you want (wimpy) everything done for you – that is iPhone.

  12. steve says:

    I’m finally going to root my gtablet. It had 1.2 since I ran downgrader off your site. It’s now 1.1, but 3389 – which is lower than the version you list. Do I have to do a partial upgrade?

    • Ray Waldo says:

      No, I don’t think so. I may have a typo or there may have been a slight change. However, the important thing is the bootloader version. If you are at 1.1, then you should be fine. Note that I am in the process of editing the instructions and I have divided them into separate articles to make things more manageable. If some of the links are broken, they should be fixed by tomorrow. I hope it works well for you. I am confident that it will!

  13. Rick Bstchelor says:

    HI Ray:
    I have searched everywhere on my computer to find a way to adjust the touch pad on my Acer laptop. I have Vista. On previous Windows versions, I remember I had a place in my control panel somewhere where I could adjust the sensitivity, etc. on the pad.
    The problem I’m having is that I frequently and inadvertantly touch the pad with my thumb or other finger when typing and it throws the type us a couple of sentences and I find myself typing up a paragraph or more over my previous material.
    I need to also activate my “slide” on mt pad as well. It has an area to the right of the pad that allows you to scroll. This is not enabled for some reason.
    Hope you understand my rambling and hope you can help!
    Thanks my brother!

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I have not used Windows since XP (I am now using Ubuntu Linux – which I feel is far superior – and free).
      Since that is so, I do know that most of the “control panel” applets of XP were continued in Vista (spit). The difference is that Vista tried to “help” users by not confusing them with too much info. That may be the case sometimes but I see it as an insult to user’s intelligence. What they did was kind of hide the applets.
      So, (since I don’t know!), here is what I found online:
      “My solution was disabling the buttons under the “buttons” tab. Then my mousepad tap started working again, I regained function in the scrollbar on the mousepad again, and if I need to right click I can use the point stick buttons right above the pad.”
      Sounds like that might work for you also. If not, the driver may be corrupted. I would go to the Device Manager, Uninstall the MP driver, and allow the system to find it and reinstall it.
      Do you keep up with all of the M$ provided updates? You should.

  14. ramchop says:

    Hello – I need information/advice regarding the most cost-effective international telephoning options currently available as of December 2010. I am a student & will be traveling to work a practicum in New Zealand for a month in 2011. I need a simple, cost-effective option for frequent calls to family and friends here in the US and vice versa and am frankly really confused by all the options. I will have a laptop with me and wifi access in my flat, and as well i can request a landline phone at additional cost.

    I have read about ooma, vonage, skype, google voice, the majic jack(sp?), etc. and am more confused than ever now. My mother is elderly and gets easily confused by having to dial lots of numbers, access codes, etc. so I am especially trying to find something easy for her to use so that she can phone me whenever she wishes without too much frustration and no additional expense. 🙂 . I do have a cell phone with T-Mobile/SIM card/3G (and i’ve had it “unlocked”) but it is quite expensive even to buy and use a SIM card once I get to New Zealand (and forget about the texting!). I understand that Vonage’s rates have just dropped but am confused as to how their service compares to Skype and Ooma. As well, I would love to pay my local cable company alot less than I currently am for internet, cable, and phone but don’t want to sacrifice the call quality of a landline.

    Sorry, I know this is a lot but any ideas, info, advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I hear ya! I spent 4 weeks in Kenya and then moved to Uganda for another 2 weeks back in 2004. I returned to Uganda and D.R. Congo in 2006 and would love to go back again. I have never been to NZ but I suspect that it would be one of the best places in the world to visit!! Congratulations.

      To make the answers to your question available to more users, I converted my response to an article on this site. See it here:

      I hope it answers some of your questions. Please add another comment when you get some solid answers….

  15. Jennifer Ito, ND says:

    do you think it would be possible to hook up 2 ooma devices to one router, each with a different number and get around the monthly fee for having 2 numbers?

    • Ray Waldo says:

      That is a good question Jennifer!
      I am pretty sure that it would work but I am not absolutely certain. Each device CAN provide a unique line and the Ooma servers should be able to distinguish the two devices by their MAC code but that is the part I am not sure of.
      Actually, the Premier service provides additional benefits beyond the 2 lines, so I would recommend that you consider that prior to purchasing a second device.
      If you still want to try the dual device strategy, you should call Ooma’s Tech Support and ask them whether it will work. I am confident that they will tell you the truth about it.
      Whatever you decide, please report back and let us know how it worked….