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Hello Friends:

I am certain that you know that we are living in an era of change! The strains on our economy over the past few years have exceeded anything in the history of mankind. Changes in the weather, changes in politics and national & international policy all seem to be beyond comprehension – and out of control. The “Tea Party” movement is apparently an attempt by people to regain some control over their lives. But we all face severe limits on what we can do.

I believe that our Lord could return for His church at any time. However, Jesus left us a command to “occupy till I come” (Lu. 19:13 KJV). So, how do we do that? How can Christians keep up with all of these changes when we have such severe limits imposed on us? Of course, God is not limited. But the command was for US to continue doing business until Jesus returns. Even though there are boundaries and limitations all around, we have to find ways to get PAST those limitations!

It is significant that our society is undergoing unimaginable change. The term “generation gap” now defines age groups separated by no more than 10 years! How can any church keep up with that? Today’s college students (& many who are older) cannot imagine life without the Internet. But some of our smaller churches don’t even have a church telephone – much less being “connected” to the current generation!

Lack of finances and lack of technical skills have kept many individuals, churches and pastors from using technology in their ministry. Such churches are quickly being relegated to a kind of “3rd world” position of not being able to connect with the younger generation because of their limitations. And it is a simple fact that any church that does not attract younger members is dying!


I have decided to offer a FREE web site to almost anyone with a plan to provide good family-friendly content. Not just a simple cookie-cutter directory listing on some site that adds a bunch of advertisement – but a fully functional & professional looking website that can be as interactive as you want! Did I mention that it is FREE? The cost of hosting the sites is being underwritten and I am donating my services to administrate the project.

If you need technical help, I will help you develop your website. If you feel totally incapable of the task, I will even build the site for you (for free). If you have someone that you want to work on your site and develop it further, I will provide technical support to them.

If you already have a website, I will help you move it to our system. Our desire is not to change what you are already doing but to BREAK DOWN THE LIMITATIONS of finance and lack of understanding. There are additional benefits to having a site hosted in our community.

The focus of this community is:

  • Assure that every Christian who wants one, has a QUALITY web site
  • Make the process of building a site EASY (“so easy even a caveman could do it”)
  • Provide FREE hosting & support & a central “directory” of all sites
  • Offer ways that we can all work together to encourage and support each other

Check it out and let me know what you think. The main site is located at and is open right now. Please visit the site and REGISTER. During the process of registration, the system will offer further instructions on how to get your site.

We have been LIMITED too long. Let us go “Beyond All The Limits” and truly “occupy” till Jesus comes! God has given me a ministry of helping others use technology in their ministry, let me help you. If you want, give me a call and we can discuss this in more detail.

Find out more, or sign up, at our home BTLOC.COM website (here).

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