How to create a map on your location

Google MapA lot of websites should have a map to help visitors find your brick & mortar building. Whether your site supports a church or some “business,” you may wish to have visitors come to your physical location. Fortunately, building a map to your location is a VERY easy process on our system.

To create a map on YOUR website, just visit the ADMIN function (the dashboard for your dashboard). Under SETTINGS, click on “MapPress” and fill in the blanks. If the “MapPress” option is not available, click on POSTS – PLUGINS, then find the MapPress plugin and ACTIVATE it. THEN visit the SETTINGS – MAPPRESS page and complete the settings.

GOOGLE MAPS API KEY: You are welcome to request your own key from Google. It is free and takes just a couple minutes here:

After you complete the setup and save your configuration,

  1. Click on the PAGES/ADD NEW.
  2. Name the page whatever you like (we used MAP).
  3. Type any introductory information in the content entry box.
  4. Enter the desired address in the “MapPress” box (just under the content entry box) and press “Add location”. (you can preview the map below the MapPress box).
  5. Click on the “Insert map shortcode in post”
  6. Type any additional info you wish below the shortcode (word “mappress” in square brackets)
  7. Click PUBLISH.

Here is a sample of what it can look like:


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