AT&T vs T-Mobile

Well, my old (Windows powered) AT&T Tilt finally died for real. Actually, it has been limping along for almost a year. Due to a failure of the mini-USB port, I have not been able to sync it with Windows for a really long time so I dropped the data services and just used it as a (poor) regular cell phone. I even went back to my old Motorola flip phone for a while.

Android T-MobileIn early December, I decided to try out T-Mobile. I bought a pay-as-you-go SIM card and put it into the (unlocked) Tilt. I found that I had a reasonable service with T-Mo in this area.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), when I replaced the AT&T SIM, the Tilt downloaded a small amount of data. My “friends” at AT&T took that opportunity to FORCE a data plan on me. When I called up to have them remove it, the agent insisted that I HAD to have a data plan. When I told her that I had previously asked to have data removed they did, she still would not agree to remove it. I continued to demand removal and she just switched me to HOLD – without telling me what she was doing. RUDE AT BEST!

I remained on hold for a few minutes and then hung up and dialed back. This time, I stated that I wanted to “Cancel my service.” For anyone who does not know, that is code for “switch me the the people in the next echelon – those who can DO something.” But even though I have been a loyal customer for over 15 years (since back in the “BellSouth Mobility” days), they offered nothing to keep me as a customer – So I dropped my service with AT&T.

I began shopping on the T-Mobile site and decided that I liked the G2 (Android) device. They had it for $49.99 with a 2-year contract. I usually do not buy things on the spur-of-the-moment, so I held off and considered it overnight.

The next day, I was still convinced that the G2 was what I wanted. When I checked the site I found that the phone was now $299 with 2yr contract! Definitely above of my pay grade. I searched on the  web for some special but did not find anything. I decided to call T-Mo to see if they could still sell it to me for $49.99. When I described my situation, the agent transferred me to another department hoping that they could help me.

The “corporate offers department” (I think that was what they called it) asked what organization I worked for – I am retired. Well, what did you do before you retired? Are you a member of any major organizations? Were you in the military? — Stop! Yes, I retired from the Air Force. Great! The Air Force has some great deals!

The bottom line: Due to my status as Air Force Retired, T-Mo gave me the $49.99 deal, waived the $35 connection fee and will give me 15% off my entire bill for the rest of my time with them! They even gave free overnight shipping for the phone. Pretty sweet! I never got ANYTHING from AT&T – even when I told them I was leaving. (The T-Mobile agent said that the same offer is available for active duty or retired Air Force members & there are many other offers for members of other organizations.)

So, I now have the T-Mobile G2 (android) phone. I have been using it since the middle of December and it is definitely a “keeper.” I will be posting a review and some tips as I become more familiar with the device.

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