Downgrade GTab Bootloader


Outdated Article!

This entire series of articles is deprecated! Newer ROMs and advanced procedures have replaced (or made obsolete) the information in these articles. This article is retained only for archival purposes.

Please check out our NEWER series of articles on the ViewSonic G-Tablet:

Downgrade the bootloader to install a CyanogenMod ROM

downgradeThe DOWNGRADE process that we previously provided here is no longer recommended. Please visit our “NVFlash for Dummies” page for the proper guide.

CyanogenMod ROMs are normally based on the 1.1 bootloader branch. If you have the newer firmware, then you must downgrade it before you flash the standard CM7 ROMS.

If you do not KNOW your bootloader version visit: Check Bootloader Version on GTab Before Root!

Notice:  If you have the 1.2-4349 firmware, you should still use the “UPGRADE” procedure. This firmware includes the 1.2 boot loader and it appears that all newer ROMs are going to be built for that version. If you want to flash the newer 1.2bl – based ROMS, then visit our ClockworkMod 1.2bl & Honeycomb on GTab page.

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5 Responses to Downgrade GTab Bootloader

  1. Chris says:

    Hi Ray, just wanted to give you a heads up that the alternate site for the “” file leads to a file that is only 5.24mb versus the first site which is <98mb.
    Also, it does not work and the process failed when I attemtped to use that one.

  2. Bill Eastman says:

    I rooted the tablet sometime ago. How do I tell which bootloader I have? Cm runs ok, but whenever I try something from rom manager it doesn’t work. I end up rebooting with the power and volume – and then whatever I was trying completes. I have tried updating cwr but that didn’t work. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Hey Bill.
      If you have already successfully rooted the GTab, then it almost certainly is at 1.1
      There is no upgrade (that I am aware of) for CMR. My RomManager reports version but when it runs, it is actually the bekit version (
      (DISCLAIMER: Some users have had problems with Rom Manager. It may change the version of ClockworkMod Recovery [CMR]. Be sure that you ALWAYS have the “Bekit” or .8 Version of CMR installed.)
      As long as you have CM7 version 7.0.3, you have the latest version of that also. The value of RM is to be able to check things w/o going into recovery mode. One of the BEST features is to shop for new ROMs. In RM, just click on the Download function and shop around. You can always check if you have the latest CM7 there also. Note: I do not recommend that “ordinary” users (such as us) use the “Nightly” versions. ALWAYS stay with the STABLE versions of CM7.
      You said that CM7 runs “ok.” That does not sound very positive. My GTab runs GREAT! If you are dissatisfied with the performance, visit the Settings – CyanogenMod Settings. Review ALL of them (and the standard settings as well). Pay particular attention to the Performance settings. You can set the CPU – Governor settings for Performance & min/max speed. I use 456/1400 and it is FAST.

  3. James says:

    Hi! Thanks for this guide!

    When I boot using + and Power, I get the expected text on the top left of the three birds about loading the recovery key detected etc, but it never progresses and stays stuck on that screen.

    Thank you

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