Flashing a Custom Rom


Outdated Article!

This entire series of articles is deprecated! Newer ROMs and advanced procedures have replaced (or made obsolete) the information in these articles. This article is retained only for archival purposes.

Please check out our NEWER series of articles on the ViewSonic G-Tablet: https://bishoptec.com/series/gtab-2/


NOTICE: Did you read the first article:  New Guide for Rooting the ViewSonic G-Tablet ? Don’t continue until you do.



  • This guide is EXCLUSIVELY for GTabs with the 1.1 bootloader.
  • Also, before proceeding, you should have installed ClockworkMod (1.1bl version) using the instructions in the “Installing ClockworkMod Recovery” article.
  • NOTICE: At this time, I recommend that you flash one of the HoneyComb Roms. To help you decide, visit our “HoneyComb on GTab!” article.


cm71. Download your choice of ROM .zip file on your computer (do NOT extract the files):

  • Download the CyanogenMod 7(or newer) stable ROM at http://download.cyanogenmod.com/?type=stable&device=harmony (filename includes “update”)

2. Download other needed files.

3. With the GTab displaying normal operation,

  • Connect the USB cable from your GTab to your computer.
  • Click on the Orange Ball (or other USB symbol) in the notifications area of the GTab
  • Click on the “USB connected”
  • ANSWER: “Turn on USB storage” & “OK”
  • If needed, repeat this step until the USB connection is recognized

4. On your computer desktop

  • Click on the new Icon and view the files which were downloaded (above)
  • Copy the zipped ROM file to the root of the GTab disk
  • Copy the zipped GAPPS file to the root of the GTab disk
  • Optional: Copy the zipped vold.fstab.zip to the root of the GTab disk (This will reverse the internal and external SD Card addresses)

5. On the GTab

  • Click on “Turn off USB storage”
  • After the Icon disappears for the computer, remove the USB cable
  • Power off the GTab

6. Boot the GTab into the ClockworkMod Recovery.

(Hold Vol+ & Pwr buttons until text in upper left)

7. Reset User Data

  • Select “Advanced” – “Wipe Dalvik Cache”
  • Select “Yes – Wipe Dalvik Cache”
  • If updating to a newer version of the SAME ROM, you MAY skip to Step 8

Doing a “Factory Reset” will delete all of your existing data and configurations.

  • Select “Wipe data/factory reset”
  • Select “Yes — delete all user data”
  • Select “Wipe cache partition”
  • Select “Yes – Wipe Cache”

8. Install your Custom ROM

  • Select “Install zip from sdcard”
  • Select “Choose zip from sdcard”
  • Find & Select the ROM .zip file. (either the CM7 or Honeycomb ROM .zip file)
  • Select “Yes – Install <yourchoice> “
  • Allow CMR to complete the installation – CMR will report “Install from sdcard complete”

9. Install the Google Apps (zip) file

  • AGAIN, Select “Choose zip from sdcard”
  • Find & Select the GApps zip file
  • Select “Yes – Install gapps… “
  • Once “Install from sdcard complete” is displayed,

10. Install the FSTAB file (SKIP this step if you don’t want to reverse the SD Cards)

  • AGAIN, Select “Choose zip from sdcard”
  • Find & Select the vold.fstab.zip file
  • Select “Yes – Install vold.fstab.zip”
  • Once “Install from sdcard complete” is displayed,
  • Use the back arrow to get back to the main menu
  • Select “Reboot system now”

The Viewsonic G Tablet should now boot into your NEW custom ROM.

If it appears that your device is STUCK? WAIT for at least 10 minutes before giving up – It takes a long time to boot up the first time after a flash.

Also, the GTab will be SLUGGISH while it is restoring your Android Market apps. It may take a few hours to get to full power and responsiveness.

Be sure to leave a comment and tell your friends about us! Then go out and enjoy your NEW, more powerful, GTab!

If things did not go as expected (or you have other questions), visit our “When Things Go Wrong” page.

We also have some neat “Tips for Android Users” that may be valuable to you.


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87 Responses to Flashing a Custom Rom

  1. jimmy says:

    sir ray, thnks for the nvflash ,my gtab working again…..

  2. Jayk says:

    I’m having a horrible time trying to get this to work. I’ve followed your instructions to the “T” and my tablet just keeps locking up on me. The screen will go to one color and freeze. only thing I can do is reboot. HELP MEEEEEEE!!!

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I am 99% certain that you did NOT follow my instructions.

      You did not give me enough information to help you. Did you read the “new guide ” as directed in the heading? Are you certain that your gtab has the 1.1 bootloader – as directed in the first checkpoint?
      If you are following my instructions, the first checkpoint says that I no longer recommend this procedure.Now I recommend flashing a Honeycomb rom. In which case you should go to that article – not this one.
      Answer: visit the “nvflash for dummies” article. (The link is in the box between the above article and these comments.)

  3. Rahjer says:

    I would like to remove my settings, keep the installed programs and give my tablet to my daughter for her to use. How do I go about removing my settings and setting up my daughters.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      You can’t have it both ways. When you delete your settings all the apps on your account will also be disconnected.
      Load clockworkmod recovery, reset to factory and clear the caches. Then partition the sdcard (2048, 0). That will put the device back to a clean install of whatever rom you have installed. Then your daughter will have to use/create her google account and do the normal setup.

      • Rahjer says:

        Thanks Ray. Followed along untill the partitioning part. What does the partition the sdcard (2048,0) do? If I want it back to stock, do I need to repartion to another original setting?

      • Rahjer says:

        Well, it looks like when I partitioned the sdcard, it wiped everything because it say this “booting recovery image kernel” and boots directly into clockworkmod recovery everytime.

        • Rahjer says:

          Did a bunch of reading and was able to get the tablet out of the clockworkmod recovery loop and was able to flash it with the rom I wanted.

          • Ray Waldo says:

            Sorry you had a problem and I was not available to help. I have been working another job (still am). Looks like you were able to fix the problem though. The reason for most of the CWM loops is users hit the “reboot to RECOVERY” rather than “reboot to SYSTEM.” Always back out (back button) to the MAIN menu before using the reboot option.

  4. Marie says:

    I think I followed the instructions correctly and when I restart it after I installed the .zip it gets stuff on the birds screen, Im not very patient but I waited over an hour before I recovered it. I tried to load a different ROM to and it is taking a long time. Am I not waiting long enough? Do I have to install it more than once? The GAPPS showed up correctly but the other wont let me go past the birds screen.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      You did not state which ROM you tried to install. I recommend one of the Honeycomb roms for the GTab.
      However, none of the roms that I have flashed took more than about 10 minutes to reboot into the OS.
      If you are stuck at the 3 birds, you will probably have to redo the NVFlash. The “When Things Go Wrong” article may help you. https://bishoptec.com/2011/01/when-things-go-wrong/

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