What is the ugly looking character thing by my comments?

You may see some computer-generated character – or, a “G” sitting on it’s back. Either way, it is the same thing…

You may see these images on sites all over the web – well, any site that allows comments could have them. Each is  called an “avatar.” The “G” (or character) is actually a REPLACEMENT for your avatar. Why not replace them with your photo or other more personal graphic? This post will explain how to do that.

An avatar that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog is a service of the site. Such “Gravatars” help identify your posts on blogs and web forums.

To get one (FREE), you can just click on the image on the right. Or, go directly to then click on the button “Get your Gravatar Today” and you will be in  business. Be sure an include all of the email addresses that you post under. (BTW, you can have a different Gravatar for each email address.) On all of my websites (and most others), when you post a comment, it asks for you email address. This site will link back to grab the Gravatar attached to that address.Gravatar

When you sign up at the Gravatar site and associate an avatar (picture or image from your computer or from the web), it SHOULD (not guaranteed to work immediately) then show up on almost every site where you have posted a comment using that address. Check it out… It is pretty cool!


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