GTab does HDMI

OLD ARTICLE – Probably has errors!

The GTab has HDMI output.

This function may or may not work on YOUR device – depending upon the operating system (ROM) that you have installed. See the other articles in the GTab series that relate to each specific ROM and its’ features.

You can connect your GTab to your TV via the docking port. The port seems to comply with the PDMI (Portable Digital Media Interface) specification. You can read more about PDMI on Wikipedia. It is a 30-pin connector that is similar to – but not the same as – the iPhone/iPad connector. DO NOT attempt to use the iPhone cable, it will NOT work!

The ONLY compatible HDMI cable that I found was one offered by (actually the name) here. I feel it is WAY overpriced ($29 plus over $7 for shipping). But if you control the market, you can control the price. Since it is the only one available, I bought it to check it out. It does work – without a flaw. Also, the same site offers a “Malata ZPAD Dock for gTablet” for $49. However, this is how it is described, “* HDMI Out * LAN * USB * Dock does NOT work without power and this item does not include charger.” Not much more functionality for the extra $20 in my opinion.

(NOTE: my cable stopped working after just a few connections. It evidently was poorly constructed.)

Resolution: As to the resolution, although there is a bit of pixelization, my TV reports it as 1920 x 1080 @ 60hz. I don’t really think that is what the GTab is sending but somehow the TV sees it that way. In any case, the video is surprisingly sharp – again with a bit of pixelization on the fonts. It should not be a problem for most applications.

At any rate, I did a video which demonstrates the GTab displaying on my 40″ Samsung HDTV. It is pretty cool – but probably not worth the $37 that I paid. 🙁 Check it out (below) and tell us what you think…

Tell us about other stuff that you have found to work with your GTab.

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14 Responses to GTab does HDMI

  1. k2mahajan says:

    Hey Ray, i am going slightly out of topic here. Have you tried making a 3G USB data card modem work with gtab? Can you please create a tutorial for the same?

  2. Greg says:

    Hi there Ray, I’ve been lurking through your helps since I picked up my gTab maybe a year+ ago. Right now I use DRH ICS mod, but I splurged on the dock to have the HDMI work, only thing is doesn’t with this mod. +++What is the most functional/best mod that has a working dock HDMI out including audio?+++
    Thank you so much for all your videos and help!

  3. brillest says:

    (quoted from YouTube)
    Thanks for posting the great articles. Ummm, I was looking for a way to get HDMI out for my mom’s CyanogenMod 7 rooted gTablet and I found your video… but ummmmmmm, cable failed? That’s it? So you’re out $36? Seemed like a quality problem of the cable? Thanks.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I agree about the poor quality of the cable. I had only used it (carefully) 3 or 4 times before it failed.
      Actually, I did not need it since I con’t use my GTab that way. I only purchased it to test and report on Better that it should happen to me than to many of my readers.
      BTW, I am sorry that my comment system apparently was not working for the past couple of days. I believe that I have it configured properly now and you should be able to leave comments now.

  4. Josh says:

    I bot a cable from electronic crap and it didn’t work. I’ve heard two different things. One: the cable is kind of crappy and its hit and miss and two: it may not work on certain HD TVs I think I remember 720 vs 1080, something like that. My question is, is there anything I have to do with my GTab to get the output or should it automatically recognize it when plugged in? Using rooted GtabComb 3.3. Thanks.

  5. Steve says:


    Great article on the HDMI for Gtab! I like the look of your particular “hand-tailored” CM7 ROM. While watching your video, I noticed your cool animated aquarium background and other cool apps (desktop clock, toolbars, etc) that you have loaded onto your CM7 ROM… would you be willing to post an article on what custom apps and animated backgrounds you have installed? Or perhaps could you post a version of your custom ROM for folks to download? Of course, if you post your custom ROM, be sure to remove your personal account settings, etc. 🙂 Thanks!


    • Ray Waldo says:

      Actually, the cable malfunctioned (poor quality). I only used it 5 or 6 times.
      I use a couple paid apps but most things are free. I will try to write an article about this soon. In the mean time, I use Fancy Widgets to do the digital clock, date, & weather. I bought it but I think there is a free version. I don’t do the live backgrounds much since they seem to cause some problems but the aquarium is a free download from the market.

  6. michael says:

    Great site and info. I will be visiting often. I am currently in Ohio but have familiy in Lake Charles and St Martinville!!
    I have had my gtab for about 6 months and while it does what I want(hold photo portfolio) it dos not have complete functionality. For example no blue to connection, can not tether etc. Any suggestions??

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