Installing ClockworkMod Recovery


Outdated Article!

This entire series of articles is deprecated! Newer ROMs and advanced procedures have replaced (or made obsolete) the information in these articles. This article is retained only for archival purposes.

Please check out our NEWER series of articles on the ViewSonic G-Tablet:

Installing ClockworkMod Recovery (1.1 bootloader)

NOTICE: be certain that you have read the first article:  New Guide for Rooting the ViewSonic G-Tablet. Don’t leave home continue without it!


Continue ONLY if your GTab has the STOCK version 1.1-3588 firmware (bootloader 1.1).

Not sure? Check Bootloader Version on GTab Before Root!

If you have flashed the 1.2-4349 firmware, then you MUST use the ClockworkMod for that version. Go to “ClockworkMod 1.2bl & Honeycomb on GTab.”


clockworkmod 1. Download the ClockworkMod package to your computer

2. Connect the USB cable from GTab to Computer

  • Click on the Orange Ball in the notifications area of the GTab
  • Click on the “USB connected”
  • ANSWER: “Activate USB Transfer” & “Activate now”
  • If necessary, repeat this step – until the USB connection is recognized

3. Check your computer:

  • An Icon should appear on your computer desktop, open it and view the files of the INTERNAL MEMORY of the GTab
  • IF a file named “” and/or a folder named “recovery” exists on the GTab, DELETE IT/THEM.

4. Find where you downloaded the ClockworkMod package (on your computer).

  • Inside the zip file will be a folder named “recovery” & a file named “”
  • Copy both the folder & the zip file to the root of the INTERNAL memory (DO NOT copy to a folder & NOT to a removable SD card).

5. On the GTab

  • Click on “Deactive USB transfer”
  • Disconnect the USB cable
  • Power off the GTab – by holding the POWER BUTTON down until a dialog appears – select POWER OFF – and OK.

6. Activate ClockworkMod Recovery on the GTab:

  • Hold the Volume plus (+) button and ALSO press the Power button
  • Continue holding BOTH buttons until some small text appears in upper left corner of the GTab’s screen.
  • Release the buttons and the ClockworkMod Recovery will be installed (you may not see any activity).
  • When the GTab finishes with the installation, it will boot into the normal operation.
  • Power off the GTab.

7. Create Backup With ClockworkMod:

  • Hold the Volume plus (+) button and ALSO press the Power button & continue holding BOTH buttons until the small text appears in upper left corner of the GTab’s screen.
  • Release the buttons and the ClockworkMod (CM) Recovery will be activated.
  • Once the GTab boots into the CM Recovery, a TEXT menu of options will be displayed on the upper left side of the GTab display.
  • Use the volume +/- buttons to move up or down in the list of menu items, click on the home button (or the Power Button) to select an item. Finally, use the back arrow to go back to the previous menu.
  • From the CM menu, select “BACKUP & Restore” — then “Backup” & allow CW to complete the backup process.
  • Go back to the main menu

8. Clear Data:

  • On the Main CM Menu, select “Wipe data/factory reset
  • Select “Yes — delete all user data”
  • Select “Wipe cache partition”
  • Select “Yes – Wipe Cache”
  • Select “Reboot system now”
  • The GTab will reboot and return to normal operation.

9. ClockworkMod is now installed and the GTab is prepared for the Next Step: “Flashing a Custom ROM

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17 Responses to Installing ClockworkMod Recovery

  1. tony3202 says:

    I was having a problem loading CWM 1.2 and followed the directions and did a NV Flash and loaded CWM 1.2 BL and everythign was great, I even went and did a complete backup and the Gtab was working great.

    On the next reboot a message came up stating there was a new version of Tap N Tap ( I was planning to load Honeycomb on GTab) but for some unknown reason I clicked on install the update.

    Now everytime the gtab boots it will only boot to the CWM Recovery menu. After severl attempts to boot I figured well I did a complete backup an hour ago let me just do a restore. Well it will still only boot to the CWM menu.

    So I went back to step one and did an NV Flash and loaded CWM and ignored the Tap update and loaded Mountain Laurel, works great thanks for all the information

    any suggestions

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Glad to help.
      If you want to use the newer honeycomb or icecreamsandwich Roms, you should NOT follow this guide. Visit our “nvflash for dummies” article. The improvement is amazing.

  2. Timothy Horn says:

    I am trying to root my viewsonic gtab via your instructions with one exception. I was able to download the CWM file directly to my tab via wifi and it is sitting in my download folder. Problem is that I am unclear how Android commands work in order to move the files over to the root file and is the root file the one with the slash or the one with the little house in the upper left? Also how do I erase the old recovery folder? sorry to be such a newbie but this is all greek to me. When you did your instructions, you assumed peeps would know how to move files around on a droid I think but that is not clear to me.



  3. corky says:

    nice but when i get cwm on, and choose the back up n restore,,, my home key don’t do anything ? nor does the power button,, i can not “enter” to get it to do what i select…

    • Ray Waldo says:

      That is a pretty weird symptom – I have never heard of it before.
      Is the menu Blue or Yellow? If it is blue, then you have the OEM recovery and you MUST use the power button. If it is yellow, that is CWM and you must use the home key.
      Does the back key work? I don’t recall what it does with the 1.1bl version but in the newer CWM, it will take you back to the previous menu (if you are in a submenu, like Advanced).
      Finally, why are you installing a 1.1 bootloader? Did you INTENTIONALLY chose it or was it a misunderstanding? Almost all of the newer ROMs and kernels are based on the 1.2 bootloader.
      In any case, the best course of action probably is to download the Tap-n-Tap and CWM files again (get a fresh copy) and flash it all again.
      Please post back with your results.

  4. harvey says:

    Bishop, I’m a novice and i want to install flashback rom, i have 1.2 bl installed. I downloaded roebeet’s gtab cwm v08 rar file to install cwm but i have no idea how to install this file to begin/finish the install of Flashback ROM. Help is needed, please.

  5. djmurphy46 says:

    Ray, Tank you for all the work you ave done to make the rooting process easier to understand and execute. I have completed the steps and am now waiting for HC B3.3 o display on my ‘from stock’ GTab. Well just got the welcome screen with setup questions. Only took 4 minutes to load. Looks good so is able to see my wifi hotspot on my newly rooted Eris. Again, thank you. More to come as I continue my discoveries….

  6. Ray Waldo says:

    I just edited the instructions to make it clearer. You use your computer to download the files & unzip them. Then transfer the contents of the zip to the GTab via USB. The guide should be clear enough now.

    • philip says:

      Sorry, I am sure I was the only one not clear and thank you for making it so. I will update you soon. I have been sitting on the post for a few months and am ready to tackle the mod thanks to you. I will be sure to pass on your site to others. Bishop rules..

    • phliip says:

      hi ray, hate to bother you but.. i am trying to root but something is not working. i copied cwm into internal memory and followed instructions but when i tried to start cwm buy pressing +vol and power it just boots into regular software..i may not be sure where internal memory is. i thought it is where all the files are when you are looking at your desktop. i see the folder juic1ojv.tmp. maybe i need to delete the tmp portion.. hpoe you can help thanks philip

      • Ray Waldo says:

        I was offline for several hours. However, I see from your comment on the “New Guide” article that you did finish the process and it working fine.

    • don law says:

      I have tried to follow this but still can not get cwm to load. I have put the files in the Recovery folder on the tablet, is that the correct place? What other files should be in their from stock? Thanks


      • Ray Waldo says:

        Step 4 (verbatim):
        Copy both the folder & the zip file to the root of the INTERNAL memory (DO NOT copy to a folder & NOT to a removable SD card).
        That means, to place the folder and the zip file into the root of the 14gig (internal) SD Card.
        Nothing is to be moved or placed into a folder – as the instructions state.
        If you do this, CWM will work! (unless you are at the wrong boot loader)

        • don law says:

          Thanks Ray, well had a senior moment here. My problem was that although my gtab was new it may have been returned and repackaged, I say this because when I put it back to stock many of the apps disappeared. That is not a problem but what threw me was in the ROOT directory there was an existing FOLDER called Recovery, so I wrongly assumed that is where I needed to put the downloads, big mistake. I renamed the folder to Recoveryold and then dropped the downloaded files onto the (on mine) E: directory. I misunderstood the directions to put them in the ROOT directory. To alleviate others pestering you it may be worth considering stating in the directions that IF there is an existing directory called Recovery rename it. Thanks for all your help and patience, next step is honeycomb. Kindest regards Don

  7. phliip says:

    do i download cwmod to my gtab first or computer tks

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