How To Delete Android Apps

How do I delete applications in Android?

manage appsFrom the main screen click on the MENU button – Settings – Applications – Manage applications. That will give you the list of apps that you have on your phone. Just click on the apps in question.

There is an option for most apps to move them to the SD card. You could try that to free up some memory space if you feel that you might have overloaded it. – or, delete some apps that you will not use.

There should be a notification of the apps that have not finished downloading. If you have many, you might want to cancel all of the pending downloads and start over – one at a time. Download an app and allow it to install before attempting to start another.

Finally, from this screen you can also view all of the apps that are currently running. Remember, Android can multitask so some of the apps that you used to BACK button to exit, may still be running in the background. This can be a strain on the (already difficult) battery drain. It will also slow the performance of your phone when running other apps.

From the RUNNING tab (at the top), you have an option to FORCE STOP. This will likely not be a problem for the application and you will probably not lose any data. But, that is determined entirely by the app – not me so you may want to use some caution the first time or two that you force an app to stop.

Note: I use the free “Open Advanced Task Killer” app to assure that applications are not kept running beyond the time that I want them active. The app is available on the Market (free) with ads.

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