Manage WiFi – Android

How do I turn on the WiFi on my Android phone?

WiFiMenu – Settings – Wireless & Networks – (make certain the check in in the WiFi box) – WiFi Settings

Network Notification: Click this box to assure that you are notified whenever you are within range of a WiFi access point.

The available WiFi Networks will be listed in the bottom portion of the screen. If none are listed, it is because you have never connected to any.

If networks are listed and there is an icon (dot with rings above it) then those networks are unsecured & available for you to use. Click on it and it should connect.

If the icon includes a padlock, that means it is secured and you must have a password to connect.

If no icon is shown it means that the network is out of range.

BTW, some open networks (like in the one in downtown Hammond, LA) will present a notification that you are connected but some applications will still not connect to the Internet. To fix this, you must execute your browser and accept their terms of service. After you do this, the network will allow you to connect to the Internet normally and the Internet apps will begin working (email, market, etc.)

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