When Things Go Wrong

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When Things Go WRONG!

And, answers to other FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about rooting your G-Tablet. Note: If your Android device is working but you are looking for other helps, visit our  “Tips for Android Users” page. WhenThingsGoWrongOn the other hand, if your Android device is NOT working correctly, here is some GOOD NEWS! It is HIGHLY UNLIKELY that you have “bricked” your Device. (The word “bricked” is often used to refer to a device that it is locked up and functions no more than as a pretty door-stop.) I don’t recall ever HEARING (or reading) of anyone totally bricking an Android device that has an official CyanogenMod ROM available – which the GTab does. However, if you previously tried to root your GTab and failed (probably using some complicated instructions that you misunderstood), you may have “soft bricked” the device. This means that your tablet is locked up now but it can be restored.

NOTE on how to FORCE a power off (on the GTab – or almost any electronic device):  Just HOLD the power button down for 30 seconds to a minute. The screen will blank when it powers down. If you continue holding the button (or if you let go and the touch it again), the GTab will reboot. If that fails, try holding the power button AND the Volume +  button at the same time.

This page is all about helping you get your GTab back to life again! Although I recommend that everyone read this entire article (to better understand how the GTab works – and why it might not), I understand that most people just want to JUMP TO THE ANSWER. So, here is a table of contents to help you find the right section:

Table of Contents:

  1. If you are in a “boot loop” – stuck at the 3 birds, etc. – Repartition the SDCard
  2. If you have problems but you CAN boot into ClockworkMod Recovery – Mount USB to computer
  3. If you CANNOT Boot into ClockworkMod Recovery – Bootloader 1.1 vs 1.2 & NVFlash procedures
  4. If Windows will not connect with the GTab via USB – Reinstall USB Drivers, Flash FSTAB
  5. If you cannot save anything to the SD Card – Flash FSTAB (SD Cards/EMMC switch)
  6. Do I need to flash the Google Apps? – Never hurts
  7. I am getting a lot of “Force Close” dialogs – CMR “Fix Permissions”
  8. How do I RESTORE TO STOCK (including the “nuclear” option)



1.  If you are in a “Boot Loop”: A “boot loop” is when the G-Tab never boots past the 3 birds or some other splash screen – or switches between two of them. Thanks to user Dan Meyers for finding this on XDA (not sure where he found it). Be aware that the SDCard is the INTERNAL card (remove the external card to be sure you don’t reformat it).

IMPORTANT! If when you reboot from ClockWorkMod Recovery,  you select “reboot recovery” you WILL get stuck in a loop of constantly rebooting into CWM!! If so,  see this thread on XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1264507

  • This seems to be common on the gtablet. Installing of a ROM and it just bootloops at the birds or at the boot animation.  Repartitioning the sdcard seems to fix this.
  • Partition the sdcard: Notice – this will delete everything on the INTERNAL SD Card.
  • Boot into clockworkmod recovery (CMR) (hold the volume + & power buttons)
  • Select “Advanced” – Select “Partition SD Card” – Select “2048M”
  • Before selecting the next option, be CERTAIN that you want to delete everything on the INTERNAL SD Card. When you select “0M” there is NO CONFIRMATION screen – it just begins to format the card!
  • Select “Wipe data/factory reset” and allow it to complete
  • Select “wipe cache partition” (this will delete any previous configuration that you may have done)
  • Select “reboot system”. (NOT “reboot recovery).
  • The GTab should go to the Android setup screen and allow you to configure it to your heart’s desire.
  • If you are STILL stuck in the boot loop, go to the next step (number 2, below).

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2. If you CAN boot into ClockworkMod Recovery (Volume + & Power Button)

  • Reboot into ClockworkMod
  • Connect your computer via the USB cable
  • On CMR, select the “MOUNTS and Storage” / “MOUNT USB Storage”.
  • On the computer, you should see the GTab display as an external storage device
  • Download a fresh copy of the latest version of your chosen ROM & copy it to the Root of the INTERNAL SD Card.  Note, REMOVE and do NOT use the external SDCard until you have finished with the ROM Flashing.
  • Visit the “NVFlash for Dummies” article (link in the next section).

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3. If you can NOT boot into ClockworkMod Recovery Is your GTab otherwise operational? YES / NO YES:  Thanks to Dave Sass:  I finally solved the CWM recovery problem. (The problem I had was after using ROM Manager I could no longer boot into Clock Work Mod Recovery mode) I found this thread with instructions to NVFLASH only CWM and it worked perfectly. Everything else I tried did not work.


Feel free to share with others and again – please WARN people to be careful when using ROM Manager. It caused my issue with the Gtab. NO: If your GTab is “soft-bricked” and you cannot use it, it is very likely that you have tried to flash a rom (based on the WRONG bootloader) on a GTab. Visit my post about that (here). To clear up the problem, it will be necessary to use either NVFlash or ADB. Both are difficult to install and use. Here are the links that provide instructions:

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4. If your Windows computer will no longer connect to the GTab with the USB cable (probably drivers issue) A. In  NORMAL operation, the GTab USB connection works in two modes: Debug and Storage. On the GTab, visit Settings / Applications / Development to set up the Debug if you want to use that (with ADB). I recommend that you turn Debug OFF unless you specifically need to use it.

  • For USB STORAGE (transfer files), Just connect the GTab to the computer with the USB cable. Immediately, the GTab will display an entire screen announcing that the USB is connected. If the screen does not appear, the notifications bar will display the little USB symbol, just expand the notifications & click on the USB notification.
  • At the “USB Connected” screen, click on “Turn on USB storage” and you are set.
  • If you use Ubuntu/Linux (as I do), this is automatic. If you are using Windows, then you may need specific USB drivers for Windows to recognize the GTab. (The universal drivers included on XP & later should work fine but Windows may do strange things at times.)

B. Windows will often get the USB drivers messed up for unusual devices– such as Android devices. If the Windows Device Manager reports a broken or error-ing device, it is generally pretty easy to fix:

  • Delete the GTab Device (in Windows Device Manager) – Note: you can delete almost any device in Device Manager and reinstall it as you did the first time you connected the device.
  • Shut EVERYTHING down using the proper shut-down steps for the computer & GTab.
  • Turn both back on and, after logging into both computer and GTab, connect the GTab to the computer with the USB cable.
  • Windows will likely recognize that the GTab is attached & install the drivers (again)

C. Insert a MicroSD Card in the slot on the GTab and retry the USB connection.  Your computer should now recognize the GTab and offer to connect to both the internal and external SD Cards on the GTab.

D. If you still cannot connect to the USB, try this (thanks to user Josh): The GTab (under some ROMs) addresses the INTERNAL SD Card as “SDCard” and the EXTERNAL card as “EMMC.” (Or, it may be reversed) See the forum post here: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/24472-no-usb-or-sd-card-detected/ To SWITCH the two…

  • Download the “vold.fstab.zip” file that they have in that forum, (also, here)
  • Put it on the tab in the “/mnt/sdcard/” directory.
  • Then, use clockword mod’s “Install ZIP from SDCard” option and select the zip file to install it and then reboot.

When it comes back up, you now have files in the /sdcard/ folder and the tablet treats it like it did with the factory settings once again. You can now download files and write to the internal memory just fine. It treats it like an sdcard.

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5. My GTab cannot save anything to my internal SD Card (SD Cards/EMMC switch) This can show up if you do not have an external card – you may get a notice that there is no space to save a file. Or, if you do have an external card, the system uses it and refuses to save anything to the internal card. In the File Manager app, the “SDCard” is actually the INTERNAL card. The “EMMC” folder displays the external MicroSD Card. If you are having problems with the internal card not storing data, try using CMR to “Fix Permissions” – or, complete steps 4.d (above, under USB issues). These should also clear this issue.

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6. Do I need to install Google Apps: Some ROMS (such as CM7) do not include the Google Apps. In this case, they should be downloaded and flashed right after flashing the ROM. Most other ROMS include the GAPPS. If a ROM does not include them, then you SHOULD reinstall gapps each time you flash a new ROM. If you fail to flash the GAPPs and the new rom requires it, you will not see the GMAIL app when you first boot. If that is the case, just reboot into CWM and flash the GAPPs. BE SURE that the version of GApps you use agrees with the version of the ROM that you flash..

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7. I get a lot of “Force Close” dialogs.

  • If you are having trouble with apps not loading and a dialog asking to “Force Close”, try using the CWM Recovery option to “Fix Permissions” on the SD Card. It will often clear the problem.
  • BUT, even though your ROM is deemed to be “stable” that does not mean that everything is working perfectly. That is a trade off – you get cutting edge performance and functions but not everything works perfectly. The alternative is the OEM TNT interface – which is not much of an alternative (IMHO).

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8. RESTORE TO STOCK (including the “nuclear” option): If you have tried all of the other options and nothing fixes your issues, then your only alternative may be to restore your GTab to the stock firmware. From that point, you should be able to start the process over, using our simple how-to guide:  “NVFlash for Dummies“.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that the device will pass “muster” for a warranty return after you restore the device to the stock firmware but at least you can start the process again and clear up any errors that you had previously injected.

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64 Responses to When Things Go Wrong

  1. Charlie Brown says:

    Hi Ray,
    I bought a used viewsonic gtab which operated normally (after I looked at the OP. MANUAL) THEN, I hooked up the USB and caused the TAB to go BOOT LOOP to 3 birds. I’ve watched your 25 min video (excellent for us “don’t know jack about ANDROIDS”) and read the 14 pages of “how to un-brick”, but quit part way thru ,to try to find what ROM to use, how to get it, where to store it ,etc.
    before I begin again, my intended use of this gtab is to load about 500 single pages of pdf files, each containing song lyrics with chords, to replace several binders of paper for my band music.. PERIOD. (don’t want/need to go on web, Bluetooth, wifi, weather, apps, e-mail etc.
    is there a shorter way to get the boot loop fixed and then just transfer my music sheet library into the tablet ?
    I’ve spent hrs reading your great instructions but haven’t discovered this question anywhere.

    THANKS for helping a lot of people like me . Charlie B.

    • Ray says:

      In order to accomplish the pdf reader function, you still have to have an operating system (Android.) And the newer the os, the better it will operate (generally speaking.)
      Stop working with these OLD processes and look at our newest articles on the gtab. No matter what you want to do with the gtab, you have to use the nvflash and install a new ROM before it will work.

      • Charlie Brown says:

        Hi again Ray,
        after struggling for 2 days, & reading the entire web, i finally got drivers installed, from reading one of the posts into your site. Fifteen minutes later I had my cinder block running , using your 7/3/12 update of NVFLASH. IT WENT FLAWLESSLY- (all you need to do is know how to read!)
        THANX very much for your time & technical instruction. I’m back to TNT, but that’s all I need for an electronic sheet music book. Thanks, you personally saved my cinder block from the sledge hammer… Charlie Brown

  2. samar says:

    Can you tell me how to flash KNC tablet via pc or any other method

  3. Frank P says:

    Just curious. How bad was it?

  4. Kotesh says:

    Ray, My Gtablet is not recognizing internal SD card but when I put external SD card it is treating it as internal and I am able to the content of external SD connecting to Windows PC. Since it is not recognizing internal SD it is not not booting. Do you think option 4 works for me? If so, can you email me if you have vold.fstab.zip file?

    Thank you and appreciate all your work.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      You did not say which ROM you are using – or why things changed. Is this something that has continued since you flashed a new ROM? If so, my suggestion is to flash a DIFFERENT ROM.
      However, if you are determined to use the current ROM, then the Vold file may work. I am sorry that I was not aware that the “here” link in #4 was broken. I have fixed it now so you should be able to download it from there.
      Here is the direct link: https://bishoptec.com/file/vold.fstab.zip

  5. Frank P says:

    Ray, do you know of a reputable firm that I can send this g-tablet to. I tried everything including the boot. Nothing. I still cannot get into the drive wth usb. This unit is only 1 1/2 months old. Need someone knowledgeable to check it out.
    Do you provide this service? I will try to call you for name and/or address.
    That you in advance
    frustrated in Pittsburgh

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I am sorry that I missed your call this morning. I have been out all day – and will be out the next couple days as well.
      I have never had any need to send my devices to anyone so I could not offer any recommendations. However, I have done just about every software task on my GTab. I recently had to disassemble it and do some hardware repairs. I have never had any problems with my work on it – or the other devices either. I work on laptops and desktops and just about anything else .
      I generally charge about $30 per hour with a two hour minimum. I believe that is considerably less expensive than some other “send in” companies that I have found on the Internet. Also, few would be familiar with the G-Tablet and the custom ROMs. They mostly cater to the OEM devices.
      If you wish to send your GTab, my address is:
      Ray Waldo
      50486 Lester Ln
      Loranger, LA 70446

      Remember to insure the device and enclose the minimum payment. I will try to have it back into the mail within three business days.

  6. Frank P says:

    HELP!!! Gtab was working great. Had Flashback 10.1 working. No problems. Then it happened. A hour ago, I turned it on and it has been at the 3 birds for about 1 hour now. I have tried to turn it off, but it won’t. I tried to start at the beginning, but nothing. Completely confused, and don’t know what to do.
    Am leaving it on, hoping for it to completly shut down due to battery. Long wait.
    So I need you brains again.
    Please advise.

    • Frank P says:

      I should also mention that I tried all methods I could find here. I cannot get to clockworkmod and I tried to reboot with usb attached. Neuther worked. ALso, it seems to not shut down. Screen dims and re- lights when I push power button.
      Just wanted to clarify.

      • Ray Waldo says:

        Probably just need to reboot. HOLD the power button for about 30 seconds or a minute. The screen will go black when it turns off. If you continue holding the button (or let go and the press it again), it will reboot. Very likely that all will be well after that.

        • Frank P says:

          DIdn’t work on the first try. Screen lit and then went off, as you said. I held for @40 sec. Then it would not go on when I pushed button. I think it needed charged. When button turned green, tried again. Held for @ 40m secs again. Screen lit then went out. Let go and then pushed again. It stayed on at birds for about 20 secs, then shut off. I am charging again over night. Will try tomorrow.
          If I need to, I may call tomorrow, if that is ok. Would like verbal.
          Thanks again for your help
          Frank P.

  7. Ray Waldo says:

    Use entirely new files for stock tnt and (non-Roebeet) NVFlash. If this is a hardware issue the problem will likely follow regardless of what you do.

  8. Matt says:

    I have a gTab that I have NVFlashed and loaded a custom ROM onto about 10 times now (NVFlashed it about 15 or so). Now when I go to use the newer ROM the tablet will jump to all different screens pretty rapidly, I NVFlashed again last night and went to use the old Tap-N-Tap software and the same thing is happening. I have no problem going through any of the step by step procedures you have on your website and I understand them all and can execute them rapidly but I don’t know why the tablet is “screen jumping”? Any thoughts on how I can get it to stop doing this?

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