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[notice]First, let me offer my thanks to all of the developers, testers, and other active users on the XDA Developer’s Forum. Especially those working on the T-Mobile G2, the ViewSonic G-Tablet, the Kindle Fire (by Amazon), and the B&N Nook Color & Nook Tablet (all devices that I own and use). I do not have a clue how they create all the XDA goodness for our smart phones & devices but I do appreciate their work.[/notice]

XDA DevelopersI joined the XDA Forum in July ’07 after I purchased my first smart phone (Cingular 8125, “Wizard” on the Windows CE platform). I have provided a considerable amount of funds to both the forum and individual developers. Although I support their work, I also have some problems with the forum (hence the reason I post MORE on this site than on XDA).

The XDA Developer’s Forum is just that – a DEVELOPER’S forum. It started (and continues) as a place for those super smart people who CREATE the ROMs & other applications that we USERS lust after! Consequently, there are some inherent problems for non-developers:

  • Forum Format. I find this format overwhelming. Although the moderators have done a great job of organizing the forums, there are just far too many posts to read before getting to the heart of any issue. Most of the other “problems” that I mention are actually based in this problem.
  • Posters are often rude to new users (“noobies”). There are multiple reasons for this: developers want to spend time doing rather than explaining; knowledgeable users are frustrated that the same questions are asked over and over (“already answered” is a common response but it can take days to find the answers in the multitude of posts); and some “experts” simply “look down” on those who have not kept up with the forum.
  • Posts often assume a level of expertise. Another common response is that if you don’t already know xyz, then you don’t need to be here or you will “brick” your device (lock it up so that it serves little more than as a brick doorstop.)

So, rather than attempt to CHANGE the XDA community, I started publishing SIMPLE instructions on this site. The first were for applying custom ROMS to my ATT Tilt (aka “kaiser”).

And, now that I am an Android fan (vs. the old “Windows Mobile Phone”), I want to continue publishing SIMPLE instructions for those devices here on the Bishop. The value is that I have tried each how-to and worked out (most of) the bugs. Also, I am one person to whom you may direct your questions. Finally, when the instructions are found to need more detail (or change), it is easier for me to correct – and for you to see the LATEST guide in a single post.

[important]Again, I want to thank the developers at XDA for all the excellent work! My intention (in posting these “how-to’s”) is not to take away from their work – but to supplement it by making it more accessible and usable by the common person. Also, let me strongly suggest that you visit the XDA site — and donate to those developers who have been of assistance to you.[/important]

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9 Responses to XDA Developer's Forum – Good & Bad

  1. Doug says:

    Go to http://www.slatedroid.com for a kinder gentler android hacking experience.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Thanks Doug. However, SlateDroid does not have as kind and gentle an experience as one has HERE. 😉
      Actually, I believe that the Bishop has BETTER support for the G-Tablet than any other site – anywhere.

  2. Tom Sellers says:

    I would agree that this site is a valuable resource. Funny, I just saw a comment in another forum where the poster had exactly the same sentiment about the DD-WRT site (it is roughly to routers what XDA may be for your phone or tablet). Maybe Ray will someday have to time to dealve into DD-WRT as well!

    • Ray Waldo says:

      It is an area that I have wanted to delve into. Maybe soon. My next project is likely to be the Kindle Fire. Mine has been in my hands just one week and it is rooted and has the Android Market running! More to come.

  3. Chris says:

    I stumbled on your site trying to learn more on my new g Tab. I am an “advanced” user who still found the instructions and, well, the attitude, on XDA intimidating. THANK YOU for doing this!!

  4. Carl Caldwell says:

    Three cheers for Ray Waldo! You have hit the proverbial nail on the head! I just finished installing CM7 and Clockworkmod on my Viewsonic G-tablet using your CLEAR AND CONCISE instructions. You have performed a great feat! Thank you! Thank you so much! I have finally found someone (Ray) who can write clear and precise instructions in English. I was beginning to think written English was a “forgotten language”. Thanks again from a born and raised Louisiana native now living in Texas.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Thanks carl. I just translated – the guys at XDA did all the work. They really are amazing. But geeks need a translator to speak to non geeks. That’s where I come in.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Would you post in the instructions article? There are several comments about problems. It would be nice to know that some people have a good response.

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