15 Best Apps for Android

Android rules!

I bought my first Android device (T-Mobile G2 phone) last December (2010). Since then, I hThe process of recovery (above) will restore the original ROM, all Apps, and Data to EXACTLY the same point where you were when the backup was done. Some Apps will have newer versions but the Android Market will update them in the normal fashion. Your email, and online accounts will be sync’ed and updated as if you had turned the device off and left it off during the period that you had the new ROM installed.ave gotten two more devices (Nook Color and Viewsonic G-Tablet). All three devices have been rooted and the CyanogenMod 7 custom ROM installed. To say that “I like Android” is too much of an understatement!

android marketBut, without applications (apps), the operating system means nothing. The primary source for applications is the Android Market. However, Amazon now has an Android App Store and each day they offer a normally paid app for free (up to about 50 apps then they cut you off).

I have a LOT of applications installed on my devices. On my GTab, I have 120 (downloaded) apps. On Viv’s Nook Color, we have 35. And, on the G2, I have 85 apps. Most of them are free. A few are paid. Most of the paid apps are less then $5 (many are about $1). Only one cost more than $10. The good part is that when you buy an app, you can use it on every Android device that is set up with that Google account. So, I share all the apps between my G2 and my GTab. Since I set Viv’s Nook Color with HER GMail account, it does NOT share apps – although I could if I wanted to set it up with my GMail account.

It is difficult to decide which are the “Best Apps” since I use most of them pretty frequently. So, I tried to divide all applications into 10 categories according to their functions. Within each category, I may have more than one app that I use so I will list my favorites. (Note: within a category, the apps are listed randomly.) All apps are linked to their market entry.

  1. Communications: Google Voice; GrooVe IP; textPlus GOLD Free Text + Group Text; fring Group Video Calls, Chat; Tango Voice & Video Calls
  2. Finance & Shopping: RedLaser Barcode Scanner; Google Shopper;
  3. Games: Enjoy Sudoku; Pool Break Pro; TurboFly 3D; Angry Birds; Spider (Free); Freecell Solitaire;
  4. Life Style, Health: SportsTracker Pro
  5. Media & Entertainment: Netflix; TuneIn Radio; YouTube; Soundhound;
  6. Personalization & Private: Fancy Widgets; Gmail; Pure Calendar widget (agenda);
  7. Productivity & Reference: Bible; Evernote; GDocs; Quickoffice® Pro;
  8. Social & News: Facebook for Android; my6sense: Smart Social & News; Pulse News; TweetCaster for Twitter
  9. Tools & Utilities: Dolphin Browser™ HDAnti-Virus Free; ES File Explorer; ROM Manager (Premium); Root Explorer (File Manager); Dolphin Speed Dial; Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root; Voice Search; Wifi Analyzer; Speedtest.net MobileSwiftKey KeyboardRoot Explorer (File Manager)Amazon Appstore for Android
  10. Transportation, GPS & Travel: Google Maps; Google Earth; Layar; Google Sky Map

This is my PERSONAL list. I could recommend any of the apps in the list. However, those that I “cannot do without,” I have set in bold font. My original objective was to present the “10 Best Apps for Android” but having failed to reduce the number of essential apps in several categories, I finally got my list of “Best Apps” down to 15 (the apps in bold font) and just changed the title of the post!

If you have a favorite “must have” application, why not share it in the comments?

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4 Responses to 15 Best Apps for Android

  1. philip says:

    If you are having trouble playing your downloaded movies try VitalplayerFree on the market.

  2. Gary Nachman says:

    I found a free app, Scanner Radio for listening to the local police. The local police in my area have moved to a digital trunked system requiring newer, hi-tech pricey scanners. So this was a very welcome find for me.

  3. Jim Nott says:

    My choice for the best PDF reader is EZPdf.

    I enjoy your blog very much. Simple explanations to complicated issues.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Thanks Jim. I was looking at EZPdf yesterday. It sounds very good.
      BTW, I added another (very helpful – but expensive) app: PrinterShare. It works really well for my setup (network printer – not on a computer). But the $12.99 price is a bit steep. It will not print everything but it does a good job on most things (pictures, pdfs, GDocs, etc.).

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