Battery Drain on G-Tablet

How long does your Android battery last?

Updated July 10, 2011: Although I will focus on my ViewSonic G-Tablet in this article, the same concepts are probably true for other Android devices as well. I include some hints for extending batter life.battery

In my case, I have used the GTab (with the screen on) for about 6 hours and the battery still be around 30-40%. Only a few times have I run out of battery during the day (I charge it overnight, each night.)

Someone responded to one of my YouTube videos asking whether the live wallpaper drained the battery. I have not found that MOST live wallpapers have a noticeable effect on battery charge.

However, there are some EXCEPTIONS – the following apps appear to drain the battery more quickly. I have NOT done any scientific study to prove this. It is just MY PERSONAL observation. YMMV:

  • PhotoWall Live Wallpaper ($.99). I really like the “puzzle” format and how it can download my pictures from my picasaweb account. However, in that configuration, it has a HEAVY BATTERY Drain. It probably would not draw the battery down so badly if you only display LOCAL photos (already on the device).
  • Watchdog Task Manager Lite (free). I use this (don’t think it does much good) but I had to turn off some default functions to keep it from eating a lot of battery juice.
  • GrooVe IP ($3.99). I really like this app and use it constantly. However, when it is signed in all the time, it takes a pretty good bite out of the battery.
  • Any Widget that does frequent updates via the WiFi will probably reduce the battery life. If you have your weather widget set to update too frequently, you might be causing yourself some issues with the battery.
  • GPS. The GTab does not include a GPS so it is not an issue. However, the use of GPS-enabled apps on phones and other android devices that have a GPS receiver can drain the battery pretty quickly.

It just makes sense that any app that must interact with WiFi (or other radios) is going to drain the battery more quickly. Other than that, any app that keeps the screen alive will decrease the battery life. However, returning to the live wallpaper issue: Just having an app live (like the wallpaper) does not seem to use a lot of battery – except when the app activates the screen or uses one of the radios.

What is YOUR experience? Tell us in the comments.


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5 Responses to Battery Drain on G-Tablet

  1. Romie Egida says:

    My G-TAB was work but it will stock only on G-tab logo it will not open the all apps. Pls help me how to solve it.

    • ray says:

      It has been several years since I used a Unisonic G-Tab. Sorry but I have no way to assist you other than the articles on this website.

  2. Joshua says:


    Can you help me? I am having trouble with my battery. I just left it alone for four hours to charge and it only made 73%. Lately I have been troubles with the charger, having to twist the cord around and press in on the head plugged in to the Gtablet before the charge indicator lights up.

    Ant ideas?

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Go to Walmart and buy a universal charger. It is about $15 and you can change the voltage and polarity. Select the tip that fits the gtab, set it for 12v, center pin is positive (+), and plug it in. If it works – great.
      If it does the same as the factory charger then it is probably the jack on the gtab. They have a lot of problems. Did you drop it from a table while it was plugged in? If it is new (unlikely) you might get it fixed under warranty. Otherwise, it probably is not worth the repair.

  3. john says:

    I dont have close to that performance. Being a new gTab user i downloaded many apps, including live wallpaper. I am downloading rss feeds, podcasts, reading and checking emails. 4 hrs of constant use. I can get through a whole day. Stability and battery now seem better with no live wallpaper.

    CM7, 912 mhz. By the way i overclocked tonight to 1500mhz and saw 2700+ on Quadrant.


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