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I have SOME Google Plus invites!

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July 7, 8:00pm. Invites are available again (probably temporary). So, if you have met the requirements below, you may get an invite!

I will provide a limited number of invites to REGISTERED USERS. Here is what you have to do to be considered in the contest:

  1. You MUST have a Gmail address. (You may create a new – free – account here:
  2. Register on this site – using a GMAIL address. (If you are already registered with a different email, you will need to change the address in your profile on this site. If you are unsure about this, leave a message on the CONTACT page)
  3. Share this site on one (or more) of the following sites: Facebook, Twitter, or Stumble (one chance to win for each of the three share sites)
  4. Follow us on Twitter (@raywaldo) & MENTION my account in a tweet.
  5. Leave a comment to this post – and tell me which sites you shared us with and what is good or bad about this site. (Multiple comments or comments not providing the required info will not be considered for the contest.)

Each day, I will select a number of entries and invite them. Visit the Google Plus site and JOIN with your GMail account to see if you won.

Fine print: You must meet and agree with all of Google’s requirements for the use of Google+. I reserve the right to start or stop this promotion at any time or to delete any comments/entries that are deemed inappropriate. Decision of who does or does not get invited is entirely up to me. Neither I, nor this site, will be liable for any use or misuse of the invitations granted.

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9 Responses to Google Plus Invite Contest

  1. brothersfan says:

    I mentioned you on Twitter. I am no longer on facebook, looking forward to trying Google+.
    What do I like about your site:
    The articles are very easy to understand, I am able to modify my tablet with your instructions. I prefer coming here for help rather than going to a XDA where you have to go through sometimes 10+ pages of information to get the answers that you need. Your recommendations are also on point, I have not bothered upgrading to 1.2 have have no plans to. I am also running CM 7.0.3 and have been very happy with it.

    Things I don’t like about your site:
    All of the technology articles are lumped into one section. I would suggest breaking the internet, android, and social media topics into different sections. I also echo what nilum87 said about the comments section. The best thing about your site is not having to go through all the comment threads like other sites to get good advice.

    Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this contest.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I appreciate the feedback and take it very seriously. However, I am uncertain about the “sections” that you suggest. Would that be like a menu across the top, similar to the “Home, About, Help,…” menu? I may be able to do that. Check out the top menu NOW. :-0
      I have tried to create such sections and those you mention are included in what I call “series.” A “Series” is a group of articles on a single topic that tend to support each other. A great example is the GTab series that includes all of the articles related to the G-Tablet. The series menu is in the right side panel. On the home page, it display only a drop-down menu of the series available. When you are viewing an article, the menu lists all of the other posts in that series. The series navigation is also found at the bottom of each article.
      I also have created categories that individual articles are sectioned into. The Categories drop-down list is also on the right side panel & in a “cloud” at the bottom of the panel.
      As to the comments section, I may make some changes there. My “native” web software only offers two ways to sort the comments: by date and threaded (as they are now). Do you think that sorting by date (say, newest comments on top) would be easier to follow? The threads ARE sorted by the newest on top but then the responses to the thread are listed under the beginning topic. What do you suggest?

  2. Stephanie says:

    I shared this on Twitter, and followed and tweeted about you. My favorite thing about this site is that I feel like I can believe what you say. The articles seem super honest, instead of feeling like certain companies paid for good reviews like some sites do. The writing is also very easy to read and understand.

    I can’t really think of anything I don’t like. Thanks for a great site!

  3. Marie says:

    I am not sure if this is the registration or not, but I would like to be invited.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Actually, you did not get registered. But Google has shut down the invites (temporarily). Go ahead and complete the registration (see the link in the right-hand sidebar), then when Google+ is open again, you will be entered in the contest. Thanks for checking in.

  4. nilum87 says:

    Mentioned you in Twitter and Facebook, even though I can’t wait to replace them with google+.

    What is good about your site? You give advice on modding and rooting in a way that the man on the clapham bus can understand. Dev forums and other tech websites seem to expect you to understand all their jargon right away if you are to have any hope of rooting your phone or tablet without bricking it. You lead us through the wilderness of rooting and console commands with clear, easy to understand instructions.

    What I don’t like about your site? Some of the comment threads can get get a big long and hard to follow, and some really good advice can get lost in there, never to see the light of day.

    Also, any advice on “the” Honeycomb ROM for the gtab. Too many great tablet optimized apps require honeycomb. I love CM7, but I want me the Honeycomb gmail app. I know Honeycomb isn’t actually open source, so that leaves AOSP out.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Congratulations Christopher! You were the ONLY contestant that got in before Google shut off the invitations. But more will come. Thanks for the feedback.

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