iPhone 3G & Wifi – NO SECURITY!

If you own an iPhone 3G and use it with Wi-Fi, stop now. You’re not safe, nor will you ever be.”
Can it EVER be proper for Apple (or any other manufacturer) to know about a security hole in their operating system, have the solution, and still NOT provide it to the users of their equipment? Both ZDNet and I agree that it should NEVER happen!
Photo from ZDNetThe Apple 3G is still offered for sale in some markets. It was in active production until June 2010. But in January of 2011, Apple stopped supporting the device.
Apple is aware that there is no way to assure security between the 3G phone and ANY Wifi connection. Evidently, this security hole was found in all devices and has been fixed for devices using iOS 4.3.x – but the 3G is not capable of running this OS. Therefore (according to the ZDNet article)…
There’s a security hole that means you cannot make Wi-Fi secure, but risk having your secrets tapped. Apple knows what it is, but will only fix it for later models. So, if you have a 3G and want to keep your personal data safe, you must buy a new phone.
I find this abhorrent behavior! It only solidifies my dislike for anything Apple!
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