Measuring Broadband America Report Released

Today, the FCC released their report:

measuring broadbandMeasuring Broadband America Report Released

It may be of interest to you. Click the link above to read the report.

I have been a participant for several months and continue on the panel of users. The FCC provided me with a special router that allows them to measure the speed and quality of service that I receive from my ISP.

The report reveals the possible sources of the issues that users may be experiencing while using their broadband connection. It deals with issues on Web Browsing, VOIP, and Video Streaming. One interesting point from the report is that users typically do NOT experience a better or faster web browsing experience when changing from a 10 Meg tier to a higher (say 25 Meg) tier of service. The report also offers suggestions about the level of service required for VOIP or streaming.

If you would like to be part of the panel, they are looking for volunteers to expand their test. Here is a quote from a recent email:

We’re also looking for more volunteers so we can continue to grow the panel, so if you have any friends, colleagues or neighbours that would like to measure their broadband performance using the FCC/SamKnows tests, please direct them to and we’ll try to send them a Whitebox.

There are no noticeable problems with being a “guinea pig” for the service and privacy is assured. However, I can see how important the overall data will be for future development of broadband in the US. Also, you get a NICE router (called “Whitebox” in the quote) in the process.

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