Flash DEAD on Mobile Devices?

Adobe Flash PlayerWell, it appears that our Flash-based problems with the G-Tablet may be…

  • Getting better, or
  • Stalled, or
  • Becoming even worse.

Adobe has said that they will no longer develop their Flash player plugin for mobile browsers. Instead, they appear to have (finally) decided to support HTML5. When HTML5 is fully implemented on a web site, Flash is no longer required. The problem is that ALL web site owners will have to switch to HTML5 and use it rather than Flash. That will probably take a long time. From an article on ZDNet

  • Adobe is Stopping development on Flash Player for browsers on mobile.

Adobe is now focusing their development efforts on:

  • Applications for mobile
  • Expressive content on the desktop (in and out of browser)
  • Increasing their investments in HTML5 in general

What is your take on the news? Is this better, or worse?

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3 Responses to Flash DEAD on Mobile Devices?

  1. Ezequiel Gonzalez says:

    Flash not available for Ice Cream Sandwich… should be just a temporary thing… I hope so. Looking forward for the Gtablet ROMs based on ICS… with full flash support,,, of course.

  2. Ezequiel Gonzalez says:

    In a way is good. As flash development stops, and is replaced with html5 content, more and more of it will become available for browsers that do not support flash. Plus, without further development in this area, the open source developers and others will be able to support the legacy flash better and better.

    But it should take some time….

    Meanwhile… Do you have any idea when Ice Cream Sandwich based roms will be available for the Gtablet? Google is releasing the ICS code tonight November 14, 2011, so, given two to three months for development, I would expect the first alpha quality roms based on ICS to be available first quarter of 2012.

    Lets hope so, in my Gtablet the honeycomb based roms are not quite stable. I’ve been tempted to go back to the TapnTap, just for the stability and manufacturer support. But is such a huge jump back…

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Excellent comments! No, I don’t have any insights about new ROMs. I think your estimate is probably pretty good.
      As for TapNTap, I would question any decision to go back. I don’t recognize what the manufacturer does as “support.”

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