I Oppose SOPA / PIPA

Will you join me (and over 3 million others) in signing the petition of opposition to the bills trying to CENSOR the Internet?

I am a Christian and I am opposed to stealing anything from anyone. However, the SOPA & PIPA bills in congress go too far in trying to eliminate the illegal piracy of online content.

I like things that are free – BUT, I refuse to download, copy, or steal movies, music, etc! If it is not free and I don’t want to pay for it, then I do not steal it. I believe that everyone should do the same.

However, the copyright holders and major movie/music companies have exercised FAR TOO MUCH leverage in the congress. Their (almost) unlimited finances have enabled their lobbyists to convince our (non-technical) law-makers that these bills are necessary. EVEN to the point that major sources of information such as Wikipedia – or smaller help sites such as RayWaldo.com could be blocked – without recourse – if unsubstantiated complaints are lodged by the large media (movie/music) corporations!

Even the Obama Administration has come out against this bad legislation — one of the VERY FEW things that the White House has done, of which I am in agreement!!

Notably, the mass protest has had an effect. The New York Times quoted Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia Law School, “This is the first real test of the political strength of the Web, and regardless of how things go, they are no longer a pushover.” And the ARS Technica website is reporting that 18 more senators announced their opposition to the legislation (including 7 previous co-sponsors!).

Thankfully, the number of lawmakers who have “jumped ship” includes the senator for my district, David Vitter (R-LA). He was previously a co-sponsor of the legislation.

Click on the image below to add your name to the growing list (of over 3 million people) who OPPOSE CENSORSHIP!


Take Action!

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