Hello UNLIMITED Mobile Data!

Updated 12/11/12 – Newer Straight Talk BRANDED Android phones (such as the Samsung Galaxy S II) operate on the Verizon network.

How about UNLIMITED Voice, Text, & Data for $45?

Bring Your Own Phone to Straight TalkYou can have unlimited (Note1) everything, if you already have an AT&T or T-Mobile smart phone – even if they are still carrier locked! Android and iPhones are included. It is not necessary to “jailbreak” or “root” the phone, either. And, if you have an unlocked GSM phone from another carrier (Rodgers, etc), then you can use that too – as long as it  operates on the compatible frequencies (850 and 1900 MHz).

NOTICE: BlackBerrys and branded TracFone, SafeLink, or NET10 phones will not work with this program.

The service is available NOW on the Straight Talk plan sold online and at Walmart by the TracFone company. They provide full instructions on their website at http://straighttalksim.com/.

The simplified steps are:

  • Buy a SIM card (standard or micro) for $14.99
  • Place it in your smart phone
  • Activate the SIM (requires a NON-contract $45/mo plan)
  • Update a couple settings on your phone
  • Enjoy!

Your Straight Talk powered phone will automatically use the AT&T and T-Mobile networks to make and receive calls so your service quality should remain the same. The only shortcoming may be when you are away from either of these services. Straight Talk does not roam outside the AT&T & T-Mobile networks when using a GSM phone so it is possible that you could be without service when a regular AT&T customer could roam to a different network.

COVERAGE: Although the Straight Talk coverage maps show extremely reduced coverage for “Android” phones, that will not effect your service in this case (Note2). What they are showing is the coverage with the Android phones that are available from Straight Talk. Those phones are CDMA and only operate on the Sprint network (much smaller coverage area). Phones from AT&T or T-Mobile use the GSM networks with a much larger coverage.

Note1: A disclaimer may be appropriate. Although Straight Talk says that their data service is “unlimited,” they tend to use the standard carrier “dictionary” to define the word. Most users have not experienced problems but if you use more than about 2 gbs, they start sending you threatening nasty-grams. Still, with month-to-month (non-contract) billing, the worst that could happen is that they shut off your data connection before the 30-day service period is over.

Note2: Straight Talk sells phones that work EITHER on the CDMA (model number of the phone ends in “C”) or GSM networks (model number of the phone ends in “G”). If you purchase an Android phone from Straight Talk, it will have a “C” on the end of the model number. CDMA phones generally access the Sprint network but some newer phones access the (larger) Verizon network. The SIM card program only works on the AT&T (type) GSM phones. However, Straightalk now sells Android phones that work on the Verizon or Sprint networks and offer the same prices as the SIM program.

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