Ice Cream Sandwich on G-Tab

ICS on your G-Tablet

Update 9/7/12 – I suggest that you flash the newer Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) instead of this version. Find the entire guide here:

Updated on 07/18/12 to include Rajeevvp’s “speedup” suggestions (Note1)

Ice Cream Sandwich on G-Tablet

This ICS ROM (Android 4.0.4) was developed by Team DRH ( However, the ROM uses an older 2.6 kernel (rather than the newer 3.0 kernel). It is a nice ROM for the gTab but I suggest that you consider the NEWER Jelly Bean ROM which TeamDRH has produced. We have a step-by-step guide (with video) here.

We appreciate all the work the team is doing and STRONGLY encourage you to visit their site and provide feedback and/or make a donation.

Other support sites: and



ICS AndroidWhat WORKS

  • WIFI
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Sleep!
  • Bluetooth
  • Sensors
  • Sound
  • USB/MTP (If you plug in USB while your tablet is asleep you will have a SOD)
  • Capacitive Buttons
  • Hardware Buttons
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Proper SD Card Mounts
  • HD Videos

What Does NOT WORK

  • Camera
  • Microphone (Works but drops after 6-8secs)
  • Possible ROM Slowdowns
  • HDMI Audio

We recommend this ROM. Especially, if you want hardware acceleration and HD Video. 

Installation Guide – see video at bottom of this article

Any use of this guide (or anything on this website) is done SOLELY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Neither Ray Waldo, this website, its owners, or operators take any responsibility for your actions related to the use of any article/guide on this site. You have been warned.

If you are updating from a previous version go to the “UPDATE ROM” section at the bottom of this article.

Download Links:

  1. NVFlash with Stock ROM & CWMR Touch 5504. This will reset your GTab to have a 250meg system partition. You can download it from the TeamDRH site here.
  2. ICS Rom developed by Team DRH on their TeamDRH site. The current version is Beta 1.2 and can be dowloaded here.
  3. Google Applications (GAppZ) NOTE: The new versions of Team DRH ICS includes the GAppz file so it is NOT necessary to download this file.

NVFlash the GTab

The NVFlash procedure will install the 1.2 branch bootloader, enlarge your GTab’s system partition to 250meg, and restore it to a known, clean, stock setup. Use our “NVFlash for Dummies” article for a step-by-step guide.

ICS Desktop in Landscape

ICS Desktop in Landscape

Flash the ROM

WARNING!  Continue ONLY If you are ABSOLUTELY certain that your system meets the minimum requirements. To determine if your device has the required 250meg system partition, see the NOTE at the bottom of this article. 

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND using NVFlash to setup your gTab before flashing this ROM.  Use our “NVFlash for Dummies” article for a step-by-step guide.

  1. On the GTab, start CWM again: (Hold the power & vol+ buttons.)
  2. Select “mounts and storage” and press the Home button.
  3. Select “mount USB storage” and press Home. The USB cable should still be connected to your computer.
  4. On your computer, you should see an icon for a new storage device, or a file manager window should open displaying the (empty) contents of the GTab’s internal SDCard. It may be named “12 GB Filesystem” or similar”
  5. Copy the ROM  file (download link 2) to the GTab’s SDCard root. Note: the file should remain as a ZIP file (do not extract it. (You may also copy music or other media files to the device for future use.)
  6. On the GTab, select “Unmount” and press Home.
  7. Select “+++Go Back+++” and press the Home button.
  8. Select “wipe data/factory reset” and press Home.
  9. Select “Yes — delete all user data” and press Home.
  10. The GTab will report that it is “Wiping data”.. “Formatting /data”  etc. WAIT until it reports “Data wipe complete” before moving to the next step.
  11. Select “install zip from sdcard” and press Home.
  12. Select “choose zip from INTERNAL sdcard” and press Home.
  13. Select the “TeamDRH…” file and press Home.
  14. Select “Yes….” and press Home.
  15. The GTab will take 2-3 minutes to install the ICS ROM. Do not disturb it until it reports “Install from sdcard complete.”
  16. Follow the prompts on the  installer until it finishes and the GTab reboots. There is a box at the bottom of the “Terms” page that you must click into before the install will complete. The box appears to change color slightly when selected. Click on other boxes to select options & WAIT.
  17. When the GTab reboots, hold the power button for a few seconds until it powers off again.
  18. Start CWM one final time: (Hold the vol+ and power buttons.)
  19. Select “wipe cache partition” press Home, select “Yes” and press Home again.
  20. Select “advanced” and press home, then select “Wipe Dalvik Cache”, press Home, & then select “Yes” and press Home again.
  21. Select “+++Go Back+++” and press Home.
  22. Select “power off” and press Home.
  23. Remove the USB cable and power the GTab on again. It should boot to the TeamDRH logo screen.
  24. NOTICE: When you power on the GTab, it will take about 3 minutes to complete the first boot. Later boots are MUCH faster. 

If the GTab remains on the “3 birds” screen for more than 20-30 seconds, you will need to start over at the “Flash the ROM” process. 🙁

Update Rom (Not required if you did the previous steps)

If you have an existing installation of the TeamDRH ICS ROM, then you may use this update procedure. Otherwise, you should use the standard installation procedures.

  1. Download Updated ROM here (use the GTab’s browser or download to computer and transfer to GTab)
  2. Reboot the GTab into CWM  (hold Vol+ & Pwr)
  3. In CWM, Reset to Factory, Wipe Cache & Dalvik Cache.
  4. Flash Updated zip file from step 1. (The new install script will also flash the GAppZ and optionally remove unneeded apps.)
  5. The GTab.will auto-reboot.

Enjoy your Ice Cream Sandwich! (G-Tablet edition)

The Android “Welcome” screen will begin the setup program. Just hit “Start” and follow the prompts and you will be enjoying your Ice Cream Sandwich in just a few minutes!

If you upgraded and did NOT wipe/reset to factory, then your apps and settings will still be in place after the upgrade.

Installation Video (NVFlash & ICS) 

Operating hints for new ICS/Honeycomb users:

  • The ARROW at the bottom left of the screen is the BACK button. Hold the button to force an app to close.
  • The HOUSE icon is your HOME button. Press this button to return to your homescreen.
  • The overlapped SQUARES is the RECENT apps button.
  • The group of six DOTS in the upper right corner is the installed APPS drawer button. Click it to display icons for all the applications you currently have available. With the Apps drawer open, press the “SHOP” icon in the upper right to enter the Android Play Store (old Market).
  • To place an ICON for an application on the desktop, (with the APPS drawer open) press and hold an icon until you can drag it out to a desktop window. Slide the pages left or right to see additional apps/icons.
  • To place a WIDGET on your desktop, (with the APPS drawer open) press the “Widgets” icon at the top left of the APPS screen. Then just press and hold your choice until you can drag it out to a desktop window. Slide the pages left or right to see additional widgets.
  • NOTIFICATIONS are displayed near the clock in the lower right corner. Press the display to expand them.
  • SETTINGS are found when you expand the notifications … see the three horizontal lines with “sliders” on them. Click on the icon to expand it. Slide the list up to display more. At the bottom of the list is another “Settings” icon. Clicking this will present the entire Android settings suite. I recommend that you visit each item on the list and get familiar with what is available and to make any changes that you may want.
  • To change WALLPAPER, just press an empty spot on the desktop and hold it until a menu pops up. Select the source of the wallpaper you want and then make your selection.
  • To create a SCREENSHOT, just long-press the power button and select it from the menu.

Note1: GTab “expert” Rajeevvp on XDA has suggested four things that can stop the LAG experienced by many who use this ROM. ( Here are his suggestions (they work GREAT for me):

Try these things to reduce lag:

In Settings > ROM Control (set on boot if you’re happy with)
1. Build Properties/ dalvik VM cache heapsize – reduce to 64M.
2. Performance/ free memory – set to 50MB.In Settings > Developer options (need to set on each boot)
3. Apps/Background process limit – Reduce  to  2.
4. Apps/ Don’t keep activites – Check the box

NOTE: To determine if your device has the LARGER system partition…

To check the size of your SYSTEM partition, open Terminal Emulator app (included with this rom or free on Play Store), enter “df” (without quotes). The “Filesystem” area is at the top of the list (either turn the GTab to portrait mode or scroll up to view the top of the list). Check the line that ends “/system”.

My device (with 250meg system) reads:           /dev/block/mtdblock3 253696 216480 37216 85% /system

If your device shows something around 200000 instead of the 253696, then you probably have the smaller (200meg) system partition.


TELL US about your experience: either in the comments below.

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169 Responses to Ice Cream Sandwich on G-Tab

  1. Ian M says:

    Ray, seems I am having the same issues as Brian M. My laptops running vista and Windows 8 do not recognize my gtablet via usb. I cannot boot into recovery mode when I hold down + and the power button it reads “recovery key detected” but boots up into DRH ICS anyway. My battery reads only 11% which it has done for months and I have tried all of the above with the power cord connected. The tablet last for hours and the battery level never seems to dip below 11%! Any suggestions would be welcome.

    • Ray says:

      1. The battery issue is unrelated to your present problem – except that it may be a hardware issue that is CAUSING your present problems.
      2. As I have said over and over, I don’t have any new solutions to the Windows USB driver issues. Read the article, the notes at the bottom, and all the comments below.
      Best solution: Move to a different computer and start fresh. Follow the steps exactly as they are stated.

      • Ian M says:

        I tried your suggestion of moving to a different computer but yet again it did not recognize that any device was connected. I have also now tried the Goo.Im app to no avail and also the USB Host diagnostic app and the USB Host controller app and still nothing. I would really like to flash the JB ROM from above and am seriously considering downloading the Ubuntu link form your website and tryng to go in through linux. I have already flashed several different ROMS and this is the first time I have encountered this problem. Any other ideas? Thanks

        • Ray says:

          Windows will sometimes require that you edit a (normally hidden) file to include the vendor ID of the G-Tablet. I don’t recall where the info is but I think the file is something like .android in your user folder. I don’t use Windows so I don’t recall exactly. The info should be on this site somewhere, you can search for it. Or, look in all the articles on the GTAB series – and on the “OUTDATED GTAB” series. Check the “Series” box in the right-hand panel.

          • Ian M says:

            I could not find the any articles regarding the hidden file. I have tried several other options and am now convinced that my mini USB is not working. I downloaded omnibox from slatedroid but that didnt help which lead me to the above conclusion. I have even tried booting into recovery from the micro SD card but it just keeps loading DRH ICS. I completely drained the battery and even pushed the reset button but I keep getting the same result DRH ICS !! The battery now only reads 6% even when the green fully charged button shows. When I try to open any of the zip files on the tablet it says “no activity found”. Is there anything else I can try?

  2. daniel munoz says:


  3. Brian M. says:

    First off, thanks for the detailed instructions. Install was easy and quick. I have run into an issue though because I was shutting down my tablet and it got stuck on the “Shutting Down” screen and it hasn’t changed for about 5 hours. I was going to try and let the battery drain to see if that will fix it but it still hasn’t changed and not sure how to hard shut down. Held the power button for about 5 minutes but no luck. Any thoughts on how to fix this or maybe hard shut down the table. Thanks again.

  4. Brian M. says:

    First off, thanks for the detailed instructions. Install was easy and quick. I have run into an issue though because I was shutting down my tablet and it got stuck on the “Shutting Down” screen and it hasn’t changed for about 5 hours. I was going to try and let the battery drain to see if that will fix it but it still hasn’t changed and not sure how to hard shut down. Held the power button for about 5 minutes but no luck. Any thoughts on how to fix this or maybe hard shut down the table. Thanks again.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Sorry but I am in “recovery mode” after hurricane Isaac. I don’t have electricity nor do I expect it for several days.
      offhand, I don’t have any answers. I have never seen a tablet that would not shut down with a long press of the power button. You can take the back cover off and disconnect the battery. I think I did a video showing how.

      • Brian M. says:

        Thanks for the response. Eventually after 10 hours of being frozen in shutdown mode it just shutdown. I was able to plug it in and charge if, all is good. Another question, have you had any issues connecting it to a PC via USB cord. I connect it but my pc does not recognize it, even though the USB mode is set on the table. Thanks.

        • Ray Waldo says:

          Have you seen the new Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) on the G-Tab?
          It seems to work really well. I would suggest that. Be sure to follow the ENTIRE guide since you MUST do the new NVFlash to expand the system partition before flashing JB.

        • Brian M. says:

          So I am trying to install JellyBean but my + volume button isn’t working so not able to boot into recovery. Any thoughts on why this would have happened or is there a different way to get into recovery mode? Thanks.

          • Ray Waldo says:

            Works the same as before. Press the plus volume and hold. Then press the power button until the text appears.
            If you continue to have problems, I would repeat the entire process – nvflash and reinstall the rom. If you are not already on Jelly Bean, I highly recommend it.

  5. Kelly says:

    Hi, I successfully flashed ICS yesterday without a problem. Played around with it for a bit last night and tried a Netflix clip for 5 minutes and a YouTube video…no problems with either. I love the start up animation! So far the only problem seems to be the wifi going in and out. Like Dan, this revived my interest in the GTab…it’s been gathering dust and I was considering selling it but I’m looking forward to trying Jelly Bean in the near future. I’m glad I decided to challenge myself with this project yesterday, but it’s only because of Ray and his easy, thorough directions that I had the confidence to do it.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Congratulations! I am proud of you and your “techie” accomplishments. Keep it up.
      I am pretty much full time getting ready for Hurricane Isaac right now but I should have the Jelly Bean guide ready by the end of the week.

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