Nook Color $135 W/Free Shipping

Unadvertised special! Visit Barnes & Noble’s Website (here) to get a Certified Pre-Owned Nook Color for $135 with free shipping!

They have also reduced the price of the (new-not used) Nook Color to $169 and the 8Gig Nook TABLET to $199 (both on their main website.)

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6 Responses to Nook Color $135 W/Free Shipping

  1. Chris Alloway says:

    I tried to download the Nook Tablet firmware 1.4.3 from the B&N website but when i tried to flash it i got an error that said it was bad….where can i get a copy that is not “bad”?

    • Ray says:

      It is pretty certain that the BEST place to get the stock firmware is via the manufacturer. If your download is not complete, you may get such an error. However, the stock firmware is NOT flashed like a standard ROM. See the B&N site for instructions on how to install it. My suggestion is that, if you want to restore your device to stock, use our UN-Brick article. Otherwise, you probably do not need the stock firmware.

  2. Pete says:

    Hi Ray,

    Any way to install JellyBean on Nook HD+? Love my Nook tablet with your JellyBean update and was wondering if the same thing can be done to my new HD+. Thank you for your excellent work.

    • Ray says:

      I don’t know of any way – but I do not have that device and I have not kept up with the forums (check XDA). However, B&N has announced that they are sending out an OTA update that will add the Google Play Store. That should make the device ALMOST as good as an Android tablet – and still remain STOCK.

  3. Jim McConnell says:

    Hi Ray: I have been reading your series on bringing the Nook Tablet up to jellyBean, and the first thing I notice is that the ClockWork Mod image is missing from the link you give us. There are only 4 files in that link & the CWM is the missing one. You also seem to indicate that the TWRP might be even better, but over all I am just getting confused… I thought I might have it, but the more I read the more confusing it is. I haven’t bricked my nook yet, but so far, most of the links I’ve found for this have either had pieces missing, or just dead links. Is there somewhere with an overview as to which pieces we need and what we’re accomplishing at each step? So far your’s has been the best info, but that missing piece isn’t going to get me very far…

    Thanks for your site, and I hope I can start to understand how these things work & get mine up to snuff. You’re correct as far as the Nook Interface being really bad, but it’s better than a brick at this point…

    • Ray says:

      I thought that I had corrected to TEXT (not the video) to show that there are only 3 files. The 4th will be created automatically.
      All the other processes are (IMHO) well-documented. Where is the missing link?

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