Finally back on line!

After five weeks of travelling the 400 miles to be with my dad in the hospital, I am finally back home. I spent 4 of the past 5 weeks in Arkansas with my 89 year old dad in the hospital. I suffered a near stroke & spent 10 hours in the ER to get my BP down. But, in the end, my dad passed away in his sleep last Sunday. And – after catching up on the lawn & other chores – I will be posting again. Thanks for your prayers and support during this time. Albert Waldo 1923-2012. Ride on Cowboy!

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4 Responses to Finally back on line!

  1. Andres Marquez says:

    Ray, May The Lord comfort you and family and give you that peace that passes all understanding.

  2. Ray Waldo says:

    Thank you for such kindness!

  3. Don Law says:

    Bishop, my thoughts are with you in these hard times. I have been there and nobody really knows how you feel, having said that you have the support from this group if you ever need to pull from that. Deepest regards. Don

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