I wanted to attend my 50yr reunion!

Wow! And I sure did want to attend my H.S. Reunion!
I received an invitation to the 50yr reunion of our High School graduating class. (Yeah – 50 years ago — 1962!) It read in part, “Even though we have made plans for Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Saturday night, these are at your desecration.” Well, if “desecration” in in the works, I guess I better not attend.  (Spell checkers are NOT really checkers! Someone needs a dictionary.)

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  1. Ray Waldo says:

    Sorry, you posted to the wrong article.
    Here is my response on the ICS Article: https://bishoptec.com/2012/02/ice-cream-sandwich-on-g-tab/comment-page-1/#comment-11585

  2. roger says:

    hello Mr waldo, I have been using the Gtabcombover for months and tried to install the ICS and havesoft bricked my Gtab but for some reason i cant seem to get it to load. at a full lost here please help.

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