USB Keyboard on gTab

Review of USB Keyboard/Mouse on the gTab’s USB Hub

This article was originally typed on the ViewSonic GTab using a Logitech K120 (USB) Keyboard and an old Logitech Mouse. The mouse and keyboard are both attached to the GTab using a cheap (no name) UN-POWERED USB 2.0 hub. The GTab is powered by the TeamDRH ICS (Android 4.0.4) ROM. No other modifications have been done and all apps are from either the Google Play Store or the Amazon AppStore.


USB Keyboard on gTab

Laptop replacement?

Observations: The keyboard works as expected and the result is about the same as an older laptop. There are no slowdowns but, for typing, it operates as fast as most people can type. I type at about 40wpm and it keeps up fine. The mouse is surprisingly responsive. When I last tested a USB mouse on the GTab, I found it to be unusable. The pointer jumped from icon to icon — rather than a smooth movement across the desktop. With this ROM, the pointer DOES move smoothly around the entire desktop. While typing, and I can point to a single character anywhere on the screen without difficulty. That is a great improvement over trying to use the on-screen keyboard and mouse.

Cautions: The first problem is related to the Swiftkey X Tablet app that I have installed. The auto correct on it sometimes adds an extra period and will sometimes “correct” with an unintended word.

Also, some online programs use flash for entering data and the gTab still has some issues with that. I found that I could not scroll the text entry on some sites.

Just using the keyboard is a little uncomfortable. Due to the limited viewing angle of the GTab, setting the screen at an angle where I can view the typed image requires some effort. I I use the iHome external speaker and stand (about $20 at Walmart). The stand is designed for Apple products (noticeably thinner than the gTab) and therefore the viewing angle is still not perfect but it is “OK.”

Conclusion: Overall, I this is a great combination and I intend to use it frequently. Especially since my laptop is getting “ragged” and the battery is dead (must be plugged in all the time). Just being able to touch-type is a dramatic Improvement! Now, if I can figure out an easy way to switch the auto correct feature on and off, I will have a pretty decent laptop replacement.

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  1. Rick27607 says:

    I was able to plug in a solidtex ask-3910u (tiger direct/compusa) all in one kb/trackpad into my Viewsonic gtab running honeycomb rom thanks to Bishop of technology team root and rom instructions – MANY THANKS!!!!

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I don’t do any development work at this time. I just test the rom & and write articles about how to do it.
      Thanks for the comment though. I am always pleased to hear that our guides have been useful.

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