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  1. Naif says:

    Its only works on G-tab p709m

  2. Naif says:

    Not works on my G-tab p700+

  3. justice says:

    Can u plz hElp me wIth my ag go tablet it come on nd of by it self
    What must i do

  4. sali says:

    how to recovery mode g-tablet
    1.off your g-tab
    2.press vol+ and power on
    3.wait booting
    4.android recovery mode

  5. Rick Morrissey says:

    Hi Ray thanks for your video on installation for jellybean. my viewsonic gtablet was bricked or non functional for 2 years until I seen your video. The question I have is it is sluggish now takes a while to load almost everything but if I give it time it works. Can it be sped up and besides Jellybean is there other criticle software a gtablet should have.

    • Ray says:

      You did not say what rom you installed. And since you posted on a different article, I can’t assume from the article.
      The newest version of Jelly Bean that I have used is found on this article : https://bishoptec.com/2012/11/new-life-for-the-g-tablet/
      You should be able to flash the rom without doing the other stuff but to be safe, follow the instructions exactly.
      If you need further assistance please post on the article where you have a problem.

  6. Kt Cool says:

    my tab is lockid how to unlock?

    • Ray says:

      I have no idea what brand tablet you have, nor do I understand what you mean by “locked.”
      You must explain better. Place your comment on an article for the same brand and model of device that you have. If there is no such thing on the site, it is because I have never developed a guide for it.

  7. Chuck Thomas says:

    Did the jelly bean on the GTab. Can’t get the camera to work. Any suggestions?

    • Ray says:

      Camera does not work with most jb roms. See my article New Life For Gtab. That has a nice rom that (I believe) has limited camera functions.

  8. wayne says:

    Thanks for making video how to install jellybean. I am a comp.dummy and I did it. But one thing, when I play games it goes to the long screen making me hold the gtab the narrow way can this be fixed? I tried a couple of games and they all do it. My kids make fun of me because I had no good games when it was android2.2 and I can’t wait to show them this. ….Thanks, Wayne

    • Ray says:

      That is a function of the app developer. There may be a helper app that will fix it but I don’t know of one.

  9. Jesse says:

    Ray, I need to reset my g tablet. I turn it on and it brings up the process.acore error. It’s running the original software. 🙁 What do you advise? It’s a great tablet and I want to fix it.

    • Ray says:

      I have no idea about how to fix the OEM software. If you are getting errors with it, it may mean that you have some hardware problems with the device.
      My suggestion is to follow our guide to use NVFLASH to root the device and flash a custom ROM. It is all pretty simple and I have guides to show you how to do it.
      Start here: https://bishoptec.com/2012/09/jelly-bean-on-the-gtab/

  10. Montana says:

    When I turn my g tablet on its white what do I do

    • Ray says:

      Sorry but you will need to give me some more information. What have you done when it started doing this? Are you rooted? Which rom is installed? Etc….
      First suggestions are in the “android fix” in the menu above. Second is to run the nvflash.

  11. Ray Waldo says:

    It is pretty easy to remove the back cover. Remove the four rubber covers & unscrew the four screws. Then use a credit card to separate the front and back. The battery connector is the a white connector about 3/4″ across. If you have a problem, see my YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-LlEpUX9C5Q&list=PL91BDA5194A76E67B&index=3&feature=plpp_video

  12. Tom Wolf says:

    Ray, I have tried everything and the tablet still hangs up at the birds. I can turn it “off” and “on” with the power button. Holding power and plus does nothing encluding power and minus.
    Please help the old man:).

  13. Tom Wolf says:

    I missed up trying to install clockworkmod on my gtablet. Now it is stuck at the bird screen and cannot do anything with it. Tried pressing power, plus on volume…
    I can press power to turn it off. Press on and I immediately get the birds again .. will not accept commands..help please..

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