ADB "lite" – Android Device Bridge the easy way

Here is a VERY simple & easy way to run ADB commands to repair or mod your Android device. 

ADB screenADB (Android Device Bridge) is a very powerful tool. If you read the XDA forums supporting your gTab/Fire/Nook/etc, then you will likely see someone suggesting that you issue an ADB command to do something – especially if you are trying to repair or root your device. However, for many users (both on Windows and Linux), setting up to use ADB seems very complicated. This article will show you how to use the “lite” version 🙂



  1. Boot into Linux 
  2. Copy the file to your Ubuntu desktop
  3. Right-click on the file & “Extract here
  4. Open the folder that appears
  5. Mouse over the black line at the top of your screen & click on the “VIEW” link & select “Show Hidden Files
  6. In the open adb_lite folder,
  7. Right-click on the adb file & click on “Properties” (at the bottom of the list); Click on the “Permissions” tab at the top of the dialog; At the bottom, a line shows “Execute: (a box) Allow executing file as program” – tic the box & hit CLOSE – Repeat for the fastboot file
  8. Copy/move all four files to the “Home” folder (click on “Home” in the left panel; then right-click on “Home” just above the list of files; & “Paste into Folder”)


  • Connect your device to the computer via USB cable & turn it on
  • In a terminal, issue the command,   sudo ./adb devices
  • You should see a response that displays a series of numbers & a descriptor that represents your device (see the screenshot at the top of this article)

There is a file in the archive, “adb-dd.txt” that includes some VERY LIMITED help with using ADB. However, I suspect that most users will only use the commands that are suggested by others online. In any case, BE VERY CAREFUL when using ADB. You can damage your device in ways that may be difficult to correct.

As always, we appreciate your comments. Please tell us whether this worked for you and how we can improve the guide.



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6 Responses to ADB "lite" – Android Device Bridge the easy way

  1. Robin Campbell says:

    Here in 2016 I’m hitting a glitch at Process step#8 Copy/move all four files to the “Home” folder (click on “Home” in the left panel; then right-click on “Home” just above the list of files; & “Paste into Folder”)

    The “Paste into Folder” action is grayed out and when I go into the terminal and key in: “sudo ./adb devices,” the result is the message: command not found or no such file or directory exisist, depending if there is a space after the “o” in sudo.

    This project has got me exploring ubuntu and it’s got me wondering why more people aren’t using it. Hopefully my issue is a result of using a newer version of ubuntu, or perhaps the file link for ADB Lite isn’t working as it did in 2012 when this article was first posted.

    • ray says:

      I don’t know why more people don’t use Linux. It is a really stable, secure, usable OS. The desktop interface is not quite as polished as the newest Windows but it is MUCH less expensive! 🙂 Plus, practically all of the software (including the full office suite) is FREE!

  2. j says:

    Simple solution much needed! Loads of space saved too. Hopefully Google will provide a official binary too. Installing binaries like this is not a good habit

  3. David says:

    Hello Ray,
    Thank you for your excellent description to make it possible to get UBUNTU on a stick.
    Between flashing our tablets and our cell phones, the ability to trouble shoot in Linux is priceless. May I share a challenge I had when I wanted to boot from the USB device on an Asus 1005HAB Netbook? A call to the support desk revealed the correct function key entry, F2, which allowed me to change the Boot Sequence.
    This is a wonderful community filled many helpful people who are willing to share. Life is good…

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Thanks David! We do enjoy a great community/ I am very happy that you are enjoying Ubuntu. I have used it almost exclusively for the past 2 or 3 years. I like it because… It just WORKS. No driver issues – and it is FREE!
      Thank you also for sharing your knowledge with us. I look forward to more interaction (and hopefully more writing).

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