How to Backup the Nook Tablet

Instructions for making a backup on the Nook Tablet.

Backup AndroidThe process uses the functions of the ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery program to make the backup. If you do not have CWM installed internally, you must use a Bootable SDCard version of CWM. You can find our instructions for creating the bootable CWM card here (includes video)

Execute CWM:

There are three possible scenarios for getting CWM to run on the Nook:

  1. Executed via external (bootable) SDCard
  2. Executed via internally installed version
  3. Executed via Cyanoboot (2nd boot) program

If you do not have CWM installed on the Nook’s internal memory (or, if you do not know), then you should use the External (bootable) SDCard version. (Instructions for creating it are here.) In this case, you should just insert the bootable card into the Nook’s SDCard slot and power the Nook on (press the power button briefly). When it boots into the Blue menu, skip to “Using CWM”.

If you have installed CWM to the internal memory of your Nook, execute the program by pressing the Nook (or home) button and the power button at the same time. Continue to hold both until the screen begins to display. At this point, skip to “Using CWM.”

If you have Cyanoboot installed (with CWM as the internal recovery), then execute the program by pressing the power button, then when prompted, hold the HOME button. When the Cyanoboot menu comes up, use the Home key to move down the list and find “Internal eMMC Recovery” then press the power button to select it.

Using CWM:

Use the Volume + or – keys to move up and down the CWM menu, Use the power button to go back to a previous menu. Use the Nook (or home) button to execute a selection.

  1. Let CWM boot completely (displays blue menu)
  2. Insert (or switch) SDCard in slot on Nook (must have at least 2gb of available space to store backup)
  3. On the CWM menu, select “backup and restore
  4. Select “backup
  5. Wait until CWM returns to the blue menu (takes about 5 minutes. Just watch the updates and the yellow progress bar for activity.)
  6. Select “reboot system now
  7. Power off the Nook
  8. Remove the SDCard from the Nook
  9. Mount the SDCard on your computer
  10. Rename the Backup file on the SDCard (located at /sdcard/clockworkmod/backups/) – I change the “time” portion (at the end of the filename) to describe the ROM.
  11. Copy the backup file/folder to a secure location (on your computer, etc.)

That’s it! If there was no error reported, then you just backed up your Nook’s internal memory. All the system info (Rom, settings, etc), applications, and internal user data were backed up and can be used to restore the Nook at some later point. When the restore is executed, the Nook will be returned to exactly the same setup as when you made the backup.

NOTE: The external SDCard is NOT backed up, since that is the target drive where the backup is saved. You may want to remove the card and store it in a safe location.

As always, your comments are important to us. Please tell us how this worked for you, or any errors you found, changes that are needed, etc.

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10 Responses to How to Backup the Nook Tablet

  1. Jon Westcot says:

    Hi Mr. Waldo:

    Thanks for the instructions on using CWM to make a backup of the Nook. It worked very well. But now I have a couple of questions.

    First, in trying to restore the backup, I get an error restoring to the /data folder. Is there any way to get CWM to ignore this and continue on?

    Second, when the error occurs, the file name that was displayed very briefly reminded me of an error I had loading a map data file. I can delete the two files related to these data and resave the TAR file. But now, I need to recalculate the MD5 value for the five files in the folder. How can I do this? The only MD5 calculators I can find seem to calculate against one file only.

    Third, I tried using the internally installed CWM as described above. When using it to restore, it quickly tells me that the MD5 calculation has failed. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for your help!


    • Ray says:

      It sounds like you have a bad backup image. Do you have another backup? If so, then try that. If the backup is bad, you may be able to use a portion by doing the advanced restore. With that, you select the elements that you want to restore.

  2. Gerrit says:

    Hello Ray,
    would you mind pointing me to a link that would explain (if it’s possible…) how to backup what’s installed on my Team-B CM7 sd card so that I can restore what I’ve installed there onto my nook once I root it with Jelly Bean? Does google accounts keep track of everything and allow a restore or will I have to one by one manually re-install all apps, mods, themes..?

    • Ray Waldo says:

      The only thing that you can backup are the apps using titanium backup. I recommend that you not even try that
      When you log in to your Android account at setup, it will restore Apps that it recognizes as having been on the device previously. Since the new ROM will report as a different device, none of your apps will be restored. That is probably best to give everything a fresh start.
      I do have an article here about backup on Android. Use the search field at the top of the Page.

      • Kim says:

        Hi, I have a 16gb NT running 1.4.3, I want to root it and read the intro article, but not really clear on .. 1. before I start I know i should back up my NT (so if it messes up it will go back to stock, right?) or am I to be backing it up later in the process? 2. I really want the easiest simplist method out there as I am a noob to say the least. please let me know your input. Thanks , you will make a stay at home mom of four wonderful kids very happy 🙂 thanks..

        • Ray says:

          Don’t worry about trying to backup the STOCK B&N operating system. You can restore that from the “Unbrick” article.
          Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to backup your personal data on the Stock B&N system. However, with the new custom rom, you will be able to rebuild everything and should be able to do all the same stuff as you did with stock.

  3. ocilate says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorial on the 8gb nook tablet for internal ics cm9. I was totally missing 1 little part of it and your site was the only site that had the whole explanation. I saw your post on the xda forum concerning the cm9 with a nook tablet that is 8gb.

    Originally I never flashed the “” file and had a neverending loop after rebooting.
    But yeah I feel a lot better now that my nook tablet is working.

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Yes. I understand. There are several reasons why the nt8 is treated like a stepchild. None are intentional or mean spirited.
      The reason that I bought the nt8 was to add support. I am glad that my sites helped.
      I have tried to get the development teams to fix these issues and I see some very positive changes. However, most of them have nt16 so it is difficult.

  4. Raymond says:

    Hi RayWaldo

    Firstly, I’d like to say a very big thank you for all your video guides on modifying the Nook Tablet. They are a great help to Nook modding noobies like my self. However, I can’t seem to find any links to the said files.
    Appreciate if you could point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks again

    • Ray Waldo says:

      I am glad that the videos are helpful. I am working on the support articles. But since I am the only member of the staff, the process is a bit slow.
      In the meantime, if you need a particular link, just ask and I will try to get it for you.

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