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Thank you for visiting. This site is here to HELP YOU.

Our purpose is to “Help ordinary people use extraordinary technology.”

When we say, “Technology for dummies” we do not mean to insult you. But that concept is common among people who feel inadequate with their technological devices. There are many books written from that perspective (NOTE: We have NO connection with any of those books.) So, it is in that sense that we use the term dummy. We are here to help you STOP feeling inadequate and start using your technology.

On this site, we do not try to compete with the large commercial technology review sites or with the massive developer sites like XDA, etc. Instead, we have chosen to be an INTERPRETIVE site. We search the web for data that is needed in order to use new technology. What we find is often spread over a multitude of pages, written in an overly technical form, and is confusing to most readers.  We interpret and consolidate that information into a simple, common sense format (how-to guide) that ordinary people can read, comprehend and follow. Then we respond to questions without the abuse found on some forums.

Although we are a relatively small site with only one person on staff (unpaid), we are Google Page ranked 2 out of 10 (actually VERY good since it is difficult to get ranked at all!!). We consistently rank high on Google for our niche. Yesterday, for the search phrase, “jailbreak nook tablet” we were number NINE! The fact that you are reading this is probably the result of you finding us on Google.

1000 Page Views Per Day

Apparently, our plan is working. YOU – and hundreds of others – are visiting our site every day. The comments left here tell us that our articles are helping “ordinary people use extraordinary technology.” Recently, we have been getting about 1000 page views every day. (That is from my VERY conservative stats program. Cloudflare analytics shows an average of about 2500 views per day.)

Site Stats

Site Stats for for June 14-28, 2012

That is a lot of traffic

Especially for the hosting service that I use (all I can afford). But such traffic is a GOOD thing. It means that we are making a difference for users like you.


First, you should know that this is NOT a money-making venture. I pay all the bills from my personal funds (and the very limited donations and ads). All reviews are on products that I obtain as a regular customer. They are not given to me for review. I write almost all of the articles and I read every comment and respond to each.

Here are some ways that you may be able to help us “Help ordinary people use extraordinary technology”:

  • Add a comment. Even just a “thank you” helps. And, if you know the answer to someone else’s question, why not share it with them? And, of course, we welcome your questions about an issue or article.
  • Share us on social media. Share a link to one of our articles on your Facebook or Twitter feed. When you do, you may help some of your friends with a technical problem that you may not even be aware of.
  • Write a review or “how-to” article. We welcome submissions from our readers. Of course, we have standards and there is no payment. But, you will feel better when you have given back to the community! Send me an email (via the CONTACT page) if you are interested.
  • Click on one of the ads. Every click means a few cents revenue to help us exist.
  • Donate some funds. Every dollar that you donate is used to support the site in some way. Large donations help immediately but small donations can add up over time. We have routine expenses (hosting, etc) but equipment purchases are the most difficult. If you can, please consider an occasional gift to this work. If we do not have access to some new technology then we cannot do much to support it. We are very frugal in purchasing. (I recently had to replace my six-year-old laptop because it was broken in 3 ways – screen, keyboard, & network.)

Disclaimer: We do NOT create the ROMs or rooting techniques, etc. for the devices that we support. That work is generally accomplished by the AMAZING people on the XDA Developers site here: strongly urge you to visit the appropriate forums for your device(s) and show your appreciation (donation, thanks,etc) to the people who do that work.

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2 Responses to The Dummy’s Guide to Technology

  1. dirk866 says:

    Looking to root BN tablet have access Mac desktop any suggestions?

    • Ray Waldo says:

      Sorry. I don’t have/use/recommend Apple products.
      Since Apple OSes are based on the Linux operating system, you could try using the Linux commands that I have on my guides. Alternately, you could use an emulator program and run Windows or Linux as a virtual machine.

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