How to Restore Everything on a Nook Tablet

ClockWorkMod RecoveryRestore is the “comfort food” of mod’ers!



NOTE: This procedure is for Nook Tablets that are OPERATING. It can be used if you want to change the ROM or return to a previous state.

If your Nook is NOT operating, then click this link to visit our “Unbrick” article.



If is much easier to “take a chance” and try modifying your Nook, if you know that you can return to your present setup if something goes wrong with the new stuff. That is what a Nandroid backup/restore does – take you back to exactly where you were when the backup was done.

Instructions for Restoring a backup on the Nook Tablet.

[important]The process will restore a backup that you created previously. If you have not created such a backup see this article for step-by-step instructions.[/important]

Execute CWM:

There are three possible scenarios for getting CWM to run on the Nook:

  1. Executed via external (bootable) SDCard
  2. Executed via internally installed version
  3. Executed via Cyanoboot (2nd boot) program

If you do not have CWM installed on the Nook’s internal memory (or, if you do not know), then you should use the External (bootable) SDCard version. (Instructions for creating it are here.) In this case, you should just insert the bootable card into the Nook’s SDCard slot and power the Nook on (press the power button briefly). When it boots into the Blue menu, skip to “Using CWM”.

If you have installed CWM to the internal memory of your Nook, execute the program by pressing the Nook (or home) button and the power button at the same time. Continue to hold both until the screen begins to display. At this point, skip to “Using CWM.”

If you have Cyanoboot installed (with CWM as the internal recovery), then execute the program by pressing the power button, then when prompted, hold the HOME button. When the Cyanoboot menu comes up, use the Home key to move down the list and find “Internal eMMC Recovery” then press the power button to select it.

Using CWM:

[important]Use the Volume + or – keys to move up and down the CWM menu, Use the power button to go back to a previous menu. Use the Nook (or home) button to execute a selection.[/important]

  1. Let CWM boot completely (displays blue menu)
  2. Insert (or switch) SDCard in slot on Nook (the card must contain your backup files)
  3. On the CWM menu, select “backup and restore
  4. Select “restore
  5. Locate and select your backup from the files on the SDCard & press the Nook button to select it
  6. Answer “Yes” to the confirmation item.
  7. Wait until CWM returns to the blue menu.
  8. Remove the SDCard from the Nook
  9. Select “reboot system now

That’s it! If there was no error reported, then you just restore your Nook’s internal memory to the same position it was when you did the backup. All the system info (Rom, settings, etc), applications, and internal user data were restored and the Nook is returned to exactly the same setup as when you made the backup.

[important]As always, your comments are important to us. Please tell us how this worked for you, or any errors you found, changes that are needed, etc.[/important]

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14 Responses to How to Restore Everything on a Nook Tablet

  1. Robin says:

    Help! I have a Nook Tablet that goes straight to a red !

    Can you help me?

    Is this Bricked?

    It is fully charged, out of warranty B&N no help. I don’t have anything that needs to be saved.

    • Ray says:

      Not sure what you are seeing. But I would try the “unbrick” procedure. It will usually restore the Nook to stock – unless there are hardware issues.

      • RM says:

        This is what I tried the file I downloaded and extracted to a 8 gb sd after extract put the card in NOOK. The nook does white n then the green arrow briefly the red !.

        I have a small video is there a way to send it to you?

        • Ray says:

          You are on the WRONG ARTICLE. See the notice at the beginning of this article and click on the link that will take you to our “UNBRICK” article.
          I just added the notice due to your posts. It seems that you (and perhaps others) have misunderstood the purpose of this article. It is ONLY for a working device. You must use the unbrick article to fix a broken device.

          • Robin says:

            Thanks for the right article. It would do the green check mark.
            But then would go back to the red! never get box when connect with USB.
            So I’ve resigned to always having a chip in with Team_B_CM7_SD_Alpha_Final

            I saw a post about someone else having the same problem with a previously owned Nook.
            I think B&N has sent a block on it, but the CM7 works great.

          • Ray says:

            The “block” probably didn’t happen. Unless there is a hardware problem, every issue can be resolved. Visit the unbrick guide and read back in the comments. Others may have fixed it.

  2. Dennis says:

    Hi Ray,

    I accidentally installed CWM-based recovery as an internal boot option. I can now only boot to CWM recovery unless I boot from an SD card. I have been able to restore the stock OS and also install the CWM to both internal memory and external SD card. I just can’t configure the tablet to boot into the OS. Instead it will only boot to recovery. So I have to use an SD card with CYANOBOOT to launch Internal Boot or SDC boot. I did try the SD card you talk about here, and even though the restore process starts, I never get the green check and instead get a prompt saying the tablet will power off. Then I get into the CWM based recovery. again

    I wonder if you know how I can fix the bootloader so I can load an OS and not just the CWM based recovery

    • Ray says:

      If you have done the unbrick guide then I don’t have any more ideas.
      Visit the unbrick guide page and read the notes at the end. Also read all the comments there.

  3. Gerardo says:

    How would I restore if I did not create a back up (dumb)?

    • Ray says:

      Gonna be real hard unless you have a viable time machine! (grin)

      • Gerardo says:

        Would a backup from a “donor” Nook tablet 1.4.0 – .3 work the same? If so, any idea where I might get it?

        • Ray says:

          What are you trying to accomplish? Tell me that before we discuss anything further.
          Restoring someone else’s backup is not a perfect plan for anything.
          Also, unless it is YOUR device, you are jeopardizing the security of the “donor” device. Therefore, few people would be anxious to “donate.” There are likely some much better alternatives for whatever you are trying to do.

          • Gerardo says:

            Will probably end up selling my Nook in the near future, figured best to have it factory default before selling. Not looking for a donor backup that is used, probably a backup from a fresh factory restored Nook would be best. I’ve also figured that the best way to probably accomplish my goal is to follow your instructions on how to restore a bricked Nook. Thanks a bunch!!

          • Ray says:

            Yes, The unbrick guide is what you need. It will clean up the device and restore the stock os. It will look just like when it was new.

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