How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

This guide shows you how to clear a bricked Nook Tablet in less than 5 minutes! It uses a bootable MicroSD Card with the repart.img created by Meghd00t. We include links to all the required files, step-by-step instructions, and a demo video.  For an introduction to rooting and descriptions of other options, see our article… Intro to Rooting & Modding Nook Tablet.


How to create the bootable MicroSD Card. If you have already created the SDCard, just skip to the “Procedure” for the heart of the guide.

  • Download the file or from this XDA thread:  or here… (type the numbers in the box and hit the green button) from this XDA thread:
  • Micro SDCard. It should be a Sandisk, 1GB (or larger), Class 4 or Class 6 (other brands or class may work but Sandisk is more reliable as a boot device). The size does not matter but you cannot use the card for any other purpose unless it is re-formatted.
  • USB to MicroSD Adapter. To attach the SDCard to your computer.
  • Download & install the Win32 Disk Imager software from here. (& optionally create a link on your desktop – unless it is already installed on your computer)
  • Download & install the Windows SD Formatter program from here: (& optionally create a link on your desktop – unless it is already installed on your computer)


1. Format your SDCard 

  • If using a NEW Sandisk MicroSD Card, you could skip to the “Burn” section
  • Insert your MicroSD Card into an adapter and connect to your computer.
  • Open the SDFormatter program and select the driveID that Windows assigned to your SD card
  • Click “Format” and click through (ignore) any warning messages
  • Close the SDFormatter program
  • Remove the MicroSD Card

2. Burn the image to SDCard

  • Insert your MicroSD Card into an adapter and connect to your computer.
  • Unzip the file to your desktop
  • In the folder that is extracted, is a file named “repart.img” (without quotes)”
  • Copy (or move) the repart.img file to the same folder where the Image Writer program is installed
  • Execute the “Win32diskimager“.program
  • You will see a field called “Image path” that should be populated with the repart.img. If not, click on the folder icon next to the field and locate the file.
  • Next to that is a “Drive path” dropdown. It should be defaulted to the drive that Windows assigned to your SD card. If not, select the DriveID for your card.
  • Click on “Write” and click “OK” to the popup dialog.
  • WAIT until the program displays “DONE
  • Remove the MicroSD Card from your computer

Be sure to LABEL the card with a WARNING! This card is DANGEROUS if misused!! An appropriate label might be: “Restore to STOCK!” It should be something significant so that no one will ACCIDENTALLY  insert the card in a Nook and wipe out their configuration.


Instructions on how to use this Bootable MicroSD Card to clear a “Bricked” Nook Tablet (either 8GB or 16GB). The procedure will take less than 5 minutes.

NOTICE:  This procedure will wipe everything from your Nook’s internal SDCard and restore it to factory (stock) B&N 1.4.2 software.Green Checkmark


  • Completely power off your Nook (hold the power button for 30 secs)
  • Put the “Restore to Stock” SD Card in your Nook Tablet
  • Power on the Nook – Press the Power button until you see the “n” screen.
  • Skip this step UNLESS the Nook does NOT boot to the “n” screen: Power off, reset the SDCard, & begin this section again. If your Nook continually fails to boot to the SDCard, you probably will have to rebuild the card.
  • Within about 15 seconds, you should see a messsge “Please DO NOT turn off your device…..installing new software”
  • Do NOT DO ANYTHING until a green checkmark appears at the top right corner (opposite the corner with the SD slot).
  • When the green checkmark appears, remove your SD card from your Nook Tablet.
  • If you get a Red “X” instead of the checkmark, see the error notice at the bottom of this page for some options.
  • If you get the checkmark, Do NOT DO ANYTHING unless instructed to do so…Clearing Data
  • The Nook will restart itself
  • After about 15 seconds, a message displays “Clearing Data
  • A few moments later, you will see a message displaying “Installing factory Software…Do not Turn off your device”
  • Once the above process finishes, your Nook will restart itself one more time
  • After the Nook finishes booting, you will be see the regular Nook setup screen with the lady offering to present an intro video.
  • Continue with the setup and registration.


If this procedure fails, try one of these:

The result of this procedure is to return your Nook to an entirely STOCK configuration. It will NOT be “rooted” or customized in any way. There should be no trace of any prior apps, ROMs, or other customization. According to which version of the repart.img you used, the userdata partition may be enlarged (or not) but this can be done at the B&N store as well – therefore, the Nook is still “stock.”

As always, your feedback is important. Please leave a comment and tell us what is good and/or bad about this guide & how it can be improved.


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240 Responses to How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

  1. Peggy Gardner says:

    I cannot download the file. My virus software keeps denying the download even if I hit ignore. Could I send payment for a SD card with the files already downloaded to unbrick my Nook Tablet 8gb? Thank you.

    • Ray says:

      Hello Peggy.
      I will contact you at the address you have gave when you left your comment. I am certain that we can work something out.

  2. Angel Rivera says:

    I’m trying to unbrick my 1.4.3 16gb Nook Tablet*. I was in the process of rooting my tablet when somethiing went horribly wrong. Now, my tablet is stuck on CWM-based Recovery v6.0.2.7, and everytime I reboot the system, it goes right back to that screen. When I try to wipe data/factory reset, I get the same message:

    –Wiping data…
    Formattting /data…
    Formatting /cache…
    Formatiing /sd-ext…
    Formatiing /sdcard/.android_secure…
    Error mounting /sdcard/android_secure!
    Skipping format…
    Data wipe complete.

    However, when I try to reboot system, the screen goes right back to CWM-based Recovery. I don’t have a black screen because there is an image of the android doll on the screen with a blue, webed ball coming out of it.

    Could you please help me recover my Nook because I do not know what to do.

    Thank you.

    Angel Rivera

    P.S.: *Please be advised that my nook has 1.4.3 software, not 1.4.2.

    • Ray says:

      Your comment was being held for your email response. If you did not receive an email from my website, check your spam filter.

      Unbricking is precisely what this article will accomplish (with a few rare exceptions). Just follow the guide and it should work.

    • dangeorges says:

      I don’t believe your nook is bricked. If you get to CWM recovery, you should be able to:
      1. restore from backup (if you’ve backed up using CWM recovery)
      2. Install a custom ROM (if it’s loaded on your SD card).

      If you’re trying to get back to stock, use Ray’s instructions. If you want to load a custom ROM and it’s not yet on the SD card, follow this process:

      1. boot into recovery
      2. Go to mounts and storage/mount USB storage
      3. connect nook to your computer
      4. Transfer ROM zip file from your computer to the root of the SD card
      5. Reboot to recovery
      6. Install zip to install the ROM you transferred in step 4.

      This may work for you.

      • Ray says:

        Thanks Dan. I may have misread the comment. You are certainly correct that if they can get to CWM then they likely are NOT bricked. The unbrick procedure is complicated and should not be attempted unless necessary.

  3. blueroberts92 says:

    Hello ray how would i go about buying an already written sd card to unbrick a nook tablet? thanks!

    • Ray says:

      You should be able to create the SDCard yourself w/o having to pay me to make it.
      But, if you really want me to create it for you, just donate $25 and then leave a message at the CONTACT page with your name and address and phone number and let me know that you donated. I will send a 4Gb card via postal mail (inside the USA) that is already formatted and the image loaded and ready to operate on your Nook 8/16GB Tablet.
      NOTE: I cannot offer any guarantees since it does not fix every brick. However, the cards that I have were tested on my old NT and worked for it.

  4. Abdullah says:

    Hey. I’ve tried everything but my nook stays in recovery bootloop. I wanna send my nook to u to fix. Pls reply on my email address.

    • Ray says:

      It is possible to send it to me but if the process above doesn’t work then it is possibly bricked for real. It would be pretty expensive and I can’t guarantee success.
      Best advice is to cut your loss and get a Nexus 7. The first generation device (what I have) is FAR superior to the Nook – even after the Nook has been rooted. The 1st gen devices have been selling for less than $150. There is not a HUGE difference in the 2nd gen device except for a higher resolution screen. I have the 1st and it is GREAT! You don’t even need to root it since Google gives you all the options anyway. The only thing you miss by not rooting (IMHO) is backup.

  5. andrew says:

    Is it possible for me to be able to send you my nook tablet to your address so you can check it out cause I cant really solve my problem here

    • Ray says:

      It is possible but if the process above doesn’t work then it is possibly bricked for real. It would be pretty expensive and I can’t guarantee success.
      Best advice is to cut your loss and get a Nexus 7. The first generation device (what I have) is FAR superior to the Nook – even after the Nook has been rooted. The 2nd gen Nexus has some improvements over the 1st.

  6. Ben says:

    Worked perfectly. Thank you!

  7. andrew says:

    “Download & install the Win32 Disk Imager software from here. (& optionally create a link on your desktop – unless it is already installed on your computer)”

    Where’s the link to win32 at? And where is here

  8. Trevin says:

    I have a Nook Tablet that gets stuck at the read forever screen after I boot it up. I created the repair SD card, and put it into my Nook Tablet, and booted it up. I got it to go into the first screen with the green check mark. After I saw the check mark appear, I took the SD card out and the device rebooted. It then booted to the same “Read Forever” screen that it’s been stuck at forever. Any other solutions available for this problem?

    • Ray says:

      At the end of the article, I offer some alternative solutions. Also, read back in the preceding comments. I believe that some other users have mentioned how they overcame that issue. I don’t have a Nook Tablet anymore so I can’t duplicate the problem.

  9. Justin says:

    Hey Ray, quick question: The repart.img is roughly a 500MB file, but when I use the instructions to write to the SD card, it partitions it to about 114MB and only has about 5MB of files visible on the SD card – is this a correct .img burn? I only ask as it has not worked for me thus far, and I am exploring the possibility of the battery being toast on top of an OS failure (the Nook Tablet was left in a hot car and given to me by my sister-in-law to attempt repair). Thank you for any information! -Justin

    • Ray says:

      That sounds right. I don’t recall the numbers but there is a lot of empty space on the card after the image is burned to it.
      Sorry to hear about the tablet. My process is not likely to repair the damage on the device. The process is designed for working devices.

  10. Brian says:

    Thanks for all your help with the various issues I have had. One question I have. Will the repart image work with a nook color as well? My wife wants to sell hers, and I want to wipe it clean.

  11. Fernando says:

    hi thanks for the tutorial, so good as far out When the green checkmark appears, remove your SD card from your Nook Tablet.remove the sd and again the same “Please restart your device and try again later” can u help me?? Sry for my english is bad 😀

  12. Chris says:

    i had cm7 on my nook and forgot to flash a recovery when i originally rooted it a year ago, i couldn’t get it to boot from sd and couldn’t get goo manager (or 5 others) to install twrp (or cwm) so i used nook tab recovery flasher and it worked…too well, i can backup/restore/install from zip but no matter what i do it always boots to cwm (except when booting from sd)…ive even tried using a sdcard cwm to restore as well.
    ive drained the battery twice.

    the only thing left is to try to boot cm10 and install a recovery from there…
    have you ever had this problem before?

    • Ray says:

      No. It sounds like the rom has issues.
      I suggest using my unbrick guide to restore it to a clean stock os. Then flash my latest Jelly Bean guide.

  13. Miguel says:

    Hi! i have a nook tablet, and im stuck with cyanoboot, the thing is when i turn down the tablet, everything goes always back to the same point, it deletes new apps and everything goes to the exact same point after every reboot, i have tried to use this method but without any luck, it keeps booting to the same, could you please help me? thanks!

      • Miguel says:

        Thanks for the ansewr, but i had no luck, hers what i have done so far..
        i followed the restore method to bring it to stock, i did get the check the green check mark and averything, but then again it booted up to the same ics 4.04 image that i had, same apps, same wifi passwords saved as the point where i started with this problem,

        then i did the CMW method from an SD card, i did all the wipes and flash the rom, the new boot file, and gapps… and again the same cyanoboot animation and back to the same “image” that i had… dont know what to do

        • dangeorges says:

          Once Cyanoboot is on your nook, it’s very difficult to go back to stock. I was never able to get rid of it, and eventually returned my nook “under warranty.”

          It appears that occasionally, in My Experience,” Cyanoboot, or a rom that installs it, also erases the Nook Recovery that comes with your tablet. This is the root of the problem, IN MY OPNION.

          Try booting the nook without a card and see what happens…It looks to me like you’re switching cards to one with a bootable ROM, and the Nook starts running the ROM from the SD card…but this is just a guess.

          • Miguel says:

            Im starting over with the restore, right now the image is writing, but no if i power on the tablet without the sd card it goes to the non working ICS version, really i dont know what to do, i got this online for 40 USD (i live outside United States) so i cant take it to warranty

          • Miguel says:

            Now it won’t even recognize the “repart” image on the sd card

          • Ray says:

            Like Dan said, it sounds like you are booting from the sdcard. Remove the card and see how it boots.

          • Miguel says:

            Hi Ray, If i turn on the tablet without a card, and without touching anything after i press the power button it goes to the N logo, then the cyanoboot splash screen and then it says loading eMMC and then i am in the same broken cyanogenmood 9.

            Now, when in insert the “repart” card i do the same thing i dont touch the tablet after i press the power button, and it goes to the same.

            So if i did get what you are saying is that i should go to the boot menu and select something from there??

          • Ray says:

            Yes, remove the sdcard, visit the boot menu, and select the emmc recovery option. From there, you can flash a new rom. you can copy the downloaded rom (zip) file to the sdcard using your computer. Then put it back in the Nook and flash it with the recovery program.
            If the emmc recovery program is broken, you will need to follow the complete guide ( to install / flash a new recovery program and then install the rom and gapps.

          • Miguel says:

            i just did that and it goes to a screen that says, “Please restart your decive and try again, if you encounter the same issue, please contact customer service..”

          • Ray says:

            You don’t have a recovery program installed. As I said, follow the guide at

  14. peter says:

    my nook I get a screen message and a message of admiration that I have to restart and try again. help me please

    • Ray says:

      You have not given me enough information to help you. Did you try the unbrick solution above? If not, then it is probably your best help.
      If you have tried it, where did it fail? What was the exact message?
      Start over and follow the instructions exactly.

  15. sky says:

    I have the same issue as “Celtic has a possible solution on XDA here:

    I checked that thread but I couldn’t understand what should we do with the file after we install it

    • Ray says:

      It is a bit more “techie” than most of our users can use. That is why I try to rewrite the stuff from XDA and create a “step by step guide” that ordinary people can use. Unfortunately, I gave away my Nook and I can’t write a guide from memory.
      You can attempt it and if you have problems, he said to ask. If you are successful, why not write a simplified guide and I will likely publish it here.

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