How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

This guide shows you how to clear a bricked Nook Tablet in less than 5 minutes! It uses a bootable MicroSD Card with the repart.img created by Meghd00t. We include links to all the required files, step-by-step instructions, and a demo video.  For an introduction to rooting and descriptions of other options, see our article… Intro to Rooting & Modding Nook Tablet.


How to create the bootable MicroSD Card. If you have already created the SDCard, just skip to the “Procedure” for the heart of the guide.

  • Download the file or from this XDA thread:  or here… (type the numbers in the box and hit the green button) from this XDA thread:
  • Micro SDCard. It should be a Sandisk, 1GB (or larger), Class 4 or Class 6 (other brands or class may work but Sandisk is more reliable as a boot device). The size does not matter but you cannot use the card for any other purpose unless it is re-formatted.
  • USB to MicroSD Adapter. To attach the SDCard to your computer.
  • Download & install the Win32 Disk Imager software from here. (& optionally create a link on your desktop – unless it is already installed on your computer)
  • Download & install the Windows SD Formatter program from here: (& optionally create a link on your desktop – unless it is already installed on your computer)


1. Format your SDCard 

  • If using a NEW Sandisk MicroSD Card, you could skip to the “Burn” section
  • Insert your MicroSD Card into an adapter and connect to your computer.
  • Open the SDFormatter program and select the driveID that Windows assigned to your SD card
  • Click “Format” and click through (ignore) any warning messages
  • Close the SDFormatter program
  • Remove the MicroSD Card

2. Burn the image to SDCard

  • Insert your MicroSD Card into an adapter and connect to your computer.
  • Unzip the file to your desktop
  • In the folder that is extracted, is a file named “repart.img” (without quotes)”
  • Copy (or move) the repart.img file to the same folder where the Image Writer program is installed
  • Execute the “Win32diskimager“.program
  • You will see a field called “Image path” that should be populated with the repart.img. If not, click on the folder icon next to the field and locate the file.
  • Next to that is a “Drive path” dropdown. It should be defaulted to the drive that Windows assigned to your SD card. If not, select the DriveID for your card.
  • Click on “Write” and click “OK” to the popup dialog.
  • WAIT until the program displays “DONE
  • Remove the MicroSD Card from your computer

Be sure to LABEL the card with a WARNING! This card is DANGEROUS if misused!! An appropriate label might be: “Restore to STOCK!” It should be something significant so that no one will ACCIDENTALLY  insert the card in a Nook and wipe out their configuration.


Instructions on how to use this Bootable MicroSD Card to clear a “Bricked” Nook Tablet (either 8GB or 16GB). The procedure will take less than 5 minutes.

NOTICE:  This procedure will wipe everything from your Nook’s internal SDCard and restore it to factory (stock) B&N 1.4.2 software.Green Checkmark


  • Completely power off your Nook (hold the power button for 30 secs)
  • Put the “Restore to Stock” SD Card in your Nook Tablet
  • Power on the Nook – Press the Power button until you see the “n” screen.
  • Skip this step UNLESS the Nook does NOT boot to the “n” screen: Power off, reset the SDCard, & begin this section again. If your Nook continually fails to boot to the SDCard, you probably will have to rebuild the card.
  • Within about 15 seconds, you should see a messsge “Please DO NOT turn off your device…..installing new software”
  • Do NOT DO ANYTHING until a green checkmark appears at the top right corner (opposite the corner with the SD slot).
  • When the green checkmark appears, remove your SD card from your Nook Tablet.
  • If you get a Red “X” instead of the checkmark, see the error notice at the bottom of this page for some options.
  • If you get the checkmark, Do NOT DO ANYTHING unless instructed to do so…Clearing Data
  • The Nook will restart itself
  • After about 15 seconds, a message displays “Clearing Data
  • A few moments later, you will see a message displaying “Installing factory Software…Do not Turn off your device”
  • Once the above process finishes, your Nook will restart itself one more time
  • After the Nook finishes booting, you will be see the regular Nook setup screen with the lady offering to present an intro video.
  • Continue with the setup and registration.


If this procedure fails, try one of these:

The result of this procedure is to return your Nook to an entirely STOCK configuration. It will NOT be “rooted” or customized in any way. There should be no trace of any prior apps, ROMs, or other customization. According to which version of the repart.img you used, the userdata partition may be enlarged (or not) but this can be done at the B&N store as well – therefore, the Nook is still “stock.”

As always, your feedback is important. Please leave a comment and tell us what is good and/or bad about this guide & how it can be improved.


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240 Responses to How to UN-Brick a Nook Tablet (8gb or 16gb)

  1. Carly Hanvey Nicastro says:

    this actually worked 🙂 i have no idea what i’m doing but i’m so thankful for the above link <3

  2. Frank Clancy says:

    The restore files at XDA developers were just chock full of badness. Trojans, Hijackers, BuynSave, and much more. Disabled my antivirus. I’ve spent 2 days cleaning up the mess it left.
    I successfully rooted my Nook Tablet 16MB to Android version 2.x. I attempted to bring it up to Jelly Bean and ended up with “Read Forever”.
    As I work in the “business” I should have known better than to touch a download that ended in .zip.exe- I did but let frustration get the better of me. I came very close to “nook- meet hammer” but the frugal part wouldn’t let my dark side prevail 🙂

    • ray says:

      Frank.. Check the “Download” link in the menu above. You should be able to get what you need to start fresh.
      BTW, that is another benefit of using Linux. The exe files don’t run on a Linux box.
      Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Vince says:

    I have an LG GPRO LITE D686.
    Durinf a flash, it goes down. i try to power on but nothing. and it can not be detected by the PC.
    i take out the battery and insert it again but nothing.
    I wan to know if you can help me bring it up. if following your topic i can revive this phone.

    I need help.


    • ray says:

      The guides that I produce are all based on a more technically detailed work by the actual developers. My job is to reword the instructions into simple guides that almost anyone can follow. Unfortunately, I can only do this for the devices that I own.
      I do not have an LG phone (of any model). So, I cannot help you with it.
      I suggest that you visit the xda-developers forum for your model. It will require a LOT of reading and possibly some hassle but the guys there can very likely help you.

  4. Teri Brown says:

    What to do if I can’t get my Nook to power down? I hold the power button and it goes black for a few seconds and then powers right back on. I’ve tried releasing the power button as soon as it goes black and have tried continuously holding it but it just keeps powering back up.

    • ray says:

      I don’t recall the exact processes (and I don’t have a Nook any longer). However, I do recall that there are unique issues and some people reported that some things worked ONLY if it was “tethered” via USB to a computer. You could try that. Other things would only work with the ORIGINAL power adapter and cord. Sometimes, people reported that they had to totally discharge the battery before some things would work. In that case, leave it on until it is totally discharged, then plug it up to the original charger and cord and fully charge the device again. Other than that, I don’t have any suggestions.

  5. Hello Ray –

    Question #1: Is Nook Tablet the same as Nook Color? (If not, I’m in the wrong place.)

    Question #2: I followed all instructions, but seem to be stuck in the Cyanoboot loop as others have mentioned. I never get to the n screen or the green arrow screen as shown.

    Question #3: I can get to the CMR screen (Top Hat screen) and there is an option to ‘wipe data/factory reset’. When I follow this path, it always returns me to Cyanogenmod, never seeming to wipe the data. There’s also an option for ‘install zip from SD card’. When I tried to do this using the B&N Factory Recovery zip on the SD card, it was not found.

    I’m not sure what I did, but I think I bricked the ‘unbrickable’. Thanks!

    • ray says:

      Sorry to be slow to respond.
      1. No. The NC comes in two versions and each of them – and the Nook Color are all DIFFERENT. The NC is NOT compatible with any of the guides on this site. Most of the NT guides will work with either of the 2 NT versions.

  6. Ryan says:

    I followed the procedure as written and everything appears to work fine except when I get to the welcome screen with the video I have no response when I touch the screen. Is there something else that I need to do?

    • dw says:

      me too, so i tried installed ROM in my SDCARD then the touchscreen work normally. but iwant to boot my nook from internal memory. is there anything i can do?

      • Ray says:

        Once you introduce the “multi-touch” bug (by installing a ROM (or application) that includes that option, the only option that I am aware of it to RE-install the same rom/app and then turn OFF the option or properly uninstall the rom/app.
        Otherwise, you will have to boot from sd card. There may be other options but that is the best I know. And, since the NT is so old (relatively speaking), there are very few developers supporting it any more.

    • Ann says:

      Hello Ray,

      I am downloading (for second time) the bn factory recovery now, following your steps. Hence, I got a setup exe folder which I cancelled last time. So, I hope keep it works. Because, the 1st time download completed and received no file error. Anyway, I have a NOOK Tablet purchased Black Friday 2012 and never used until Aug. 26, 2014 due to never had WIFI. I always used broadband until my modem died on Aug. 25th. However, my charger cord died on Aug. 31st 2014. Of course, I was told that a new cord replacement for free is not available due to warranty expiration. Then, I forgot my password on Sept. 2nd 2014 and tried to do a hard reset which was interrupted by shutdown due to battery low. I charged the devise and turned and got a repeated error message NOOK w/ white background and RED Exclamation Point. It won’t allow me to reset and get the home screen as if looped like in your video when power on. So, I am attempting to reboot the BN factory recover files you provided to utilize my devise on my desktop and transfer to my MicroSD card on cell phone. Do you think this matter would work? Please let me know if you have other suggestions.

      • Ray says:

        It is difficult for me to follow you with all the insignificant details involved.
        If I understand your situation, you have a few options after fully changing the device:
        1. Power off the device entirely, leave it off for a few minutes and then power it back on. If it comes on and boots into the normal NT operating system, you have a working device. You can then just connect to the WiFi, leave it powered on for a day or so and it will automatically download the latest Nook OS and then ask you to upgrade. At that point, you can use it in the native Nook OS.
        2. If at any point in the previous option something goes amiss, then follow my UN-Brick guide (above) EXACTLY. It should clear any problems and return the device to a standard OS.
        3. AFTER you have a working device, if you do not want to use the Nook OS, then you probably want to root the device. Here is my guide for that:

        • Ann says:

          Ok, I just tried to download files on my Micro SD card. It seem to go find. However, my SD card rejected it. Hence, I used my original cell phone Micro SD card w/ other programs on it. I guess a new one would have been appropriate. Please advise.

          • Ray says:

            Getting a bootable SDCard for the Nook is a challenge. Especially using a windows computer. The instructions in the guide are the best that I have. If you follow those, it should work. Yes, a new card is preferable but not usually necessary – IF the card that you have matches the requirements in the instructions.

  7. I think this guide is great, and unlike what many others have to offer, your information is clear and concise.

    Unfortunately this guide wasn’t able to help me complete what I was doing; I have a 16 GB Nook Tablet suffering from a full brick. I know a solution exists to since my problem, as I’ve been following this guide on XDA:

    However, I’m not as well versed in this area as you. I’ve looked about on your site here, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you may be willing repair devices yourself. I understand that this may be cost prohibitive for me and a large waste of your own time, but would you be willing to discuss exactly what you may be willing to do, and perhaps offer an estimate as to how much this work may cost.

    Any answer would be appreciated, I just hope I can resolve this soon.


    • Ray says:

      You should have received a reply in G+.

      • Daniel says:

        Hello Ray,
        I tried to root my nook tablet, the process failed. In one instance during the rooting, I tried to deregister the device, and it was not doing anything for a long time, I finally decided to shut it down a few times. Now I cannot boot it. A White screen comes over the “green arrow download” with a red exclamation mark that says: “Please restart your device and try again. If you encounter the same issue, please contact customer service or visit I did that they could not help me. I had version 1.4.3 on there, and tried to root it with 1.4.0. When I checked it said “version unknown” in settings; that was at the beginning.
        I tried the process on your website “How to un-brick a Nook”, it starts out with the arrow until it gets to the green check mark, once I remove the SD card, it goes back to the white screen mentioned earlier.
        Can you help me, what did I do wrong? Thanks for all the good materials you make available. Great work.
        Thank you for your help!

        • Ray says:

          I am sorry, Daniel. It has been a good while since I owned a Nook Tablet so I cannot try to duplicate your issues. The only suggestion that I have is to assure that your download files are not corrupted (download them again) and start over. Assure that you have a good copy of the Nook OS.

  8. kenren337 says:

    I followed the instructions here and popped in the SD card for my Nook Tablet 16 gb–I bought it off eBay rooted with cm7, Gingerbread, whatever it was. It worked fine for a while then started giving me errors and glitches so I just want it back as a regular ol’ Nook, especially since I only use it for reading.
    Anyway, I popped the SD card into the Nook and it went to the “Installing” screen but there was a red X up in the right corner the whole time. Instead of getting a green check mark it merely flashed to a different screen saying, “This device will power down in 5 seconds. Don’t forget to remove the SD card before powering up. Then a count down and “NOW!” then the device turns off and doesn’t turn back on unless I do it manually.
    I turn the device back on and it powers up with the “n” logo then flashes a quick white screen then goes to the “Installing new software” screen then says “Please restart you device and try again. If you encounter the same issue, please contact customer service or visit contact” Please tell me you know how to fix this.

    • Ray says:

      It is very likely that your device has been “hacked” rather than simply rooting it. I don’t have any solutions for such devices. Sorry.

  9. Ed says:

    I can get to the “Please Do not turn off your device – Installing New Software” screen. Then I get the green check mark and nothing happens. I tried taking the sd card out during this screen and then it returns to the original “please restart your nook” screen. How long should I let this green check mark screen load while the SD card is in?

    • Ray says:

      It is very likely that your device has been “hacked” rather than simply rooting it. I don’t have any solutions for such devices. Sorry.

  10. Sam R says:

    Will this work with nook color? I tried to root it but I rooted it with a root for earlier software and now it’s stuck in a reboot loop

    • Ray says:

      Sorry, but I do not have a Nook Color and never published any guides for it.
      None of my guides should be used for any devices except those specifically mentioned. Otherwise, you risk damage to your device.
      You should be able to google your need and there are probably guides on the XDA Developers forums.

  11. NCT_Newbie says:

    Thanks for making step by step instructions and the video. I don’t think my Nook Color Tablet (NCT) is booting from the SD Card. I see the 3 files on the SD Card (viewing via Windows7): flashing_boot.img, u-boot.bin, and MLO

    I have followed the instructions step by step and each time it boots to INSTALLING: A new software update is being installed. This will take a few minutes. This completes in a few minutes. Then the NCT boots to: Touch the future of reading. It then loops to the above message and tries to reinstall a software update. It does the same thing without the SD Card. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Ray says:

      Your device is in a “boot loop” (soft brick). This is a problem but it can be fixed with additional software.
      Is your device the Nook Color (1st gen device) or the Nook TABLET (2nd gen)? If it is the NC, then I don’t have any support available for it. None of my files will work on the NC.
      If it is the NT, – and if you have not tried other versions of the “unbrick” – then this procedure will almost certainly fix it.
      1st, creating a bootable SDcard is challenging (at best). There are many factors that my align to make it work. Just because you can see the files, does not mean that it is a bootable card.
      2nd, You must follow the instructions EXACTLY. If it fails, then purchase the recommended type/brand/size SDcard and start over.
      3rd, Read ALL the comments below (and on the previous pages) to see the challenges others have faced and their solutions.

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